Yours Sincerely use in Formal Letters

Formal Letters:

Formal letters are also called business or official letters. A letter that is written in professional language for official purposes is called a formal letter.

These letters are not addressed to an individual, a family member a friend, or a well-known personality. These letters are written to authorities, companies, dignitaries, peers, etc. There are some limitations that we have to follow while writing a formal letter.

We often use yours sincerely in our formal and official letters. Let’s explore where and how we can use this concluding phrase in our letters and correspondence.

Yours Sincerely meaning:

Using the word “sincerely” denotes acting on sincere sentiments or convictions. While “yours” as a conclusion is a formality instead of a promise of fidelity and connection.

Ending of a letter:

Always end your letter with a suitable expression of esteem and professional competence. Concluding options of formal letters are restricted in most cases, but it depends upon the familiarity and warmth between the sender and receiver.


  • Your ending should be formal and business- if you are writing to someone whom you don’t know or has a very minor familiarity with.
  • You can conclude your letter less formally if you are writing an individual who is a colleague, a co-worker, or a business acquaintance for you.

Sincerely, Yours sincerely and Sincerely:

These three straightforward and practical letter closing phrases can be used in a formal business letter of any type or category. Yours sincerely is a traditional way to end a letter and you can use it even if you are not familiar with other possible options to end your letter.

Yours sincerely can be written in a formal letter as mentioned below.

  • When you know someone or you have spoken to that person. In this case, you will use the first name of that person when you need to address him or her, write yours sincerely, and then write your first name as your signature.
  • If you are sure about the name and the position of the person you are writing to. You should respectfully close your letter by adding yours sincerely at the end of the letter and then put your signature.
  • Yours sincerely can be used with the greeting “Dear, Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms” and preceding the recipient’s name.

You may write yours sincerely as per the requirement of your letter, the text of the letter as well as the relationship and connection,  you are sharing with the receiver.

Write the first letter of your concluding word capital and if you are writing more than one word, capitalize the initial letter then use lower case to end it. For instance,

“Yours sincerely”

After writing “Yours sincerely” as a sendoff phrase put a comma, add some space and then end it with your signature.