Presentation Topics for Acoustics And Ultrasonics Transducers

Presentation Topic: Acoustics And Ultrasonics Transducers

1. Design and fabrication of negative-refractive-index metamaterial unit cells for near-megahertz enhanced acoustic transmission in biomedical ultrasound applications
2. Circular synthetic aperture acoustic imaging of spherical targets in cylindrical rod clutter
3. Noninvasive calibrated tissue temperature estimation using backscattered energy of acoustic harmonics
4. Numerical simulation and experiment for the ultrasonic field characteristics of ultrasonic standing wave atomization
5. Modelling and Validation of a Guided Acoustic Wave Temperature Monitoring System
6. Ultrasonic attenuation of an agar, silicon dioxide, and evaporated milk gel phantom
7. Acoustic impact of the human skull on transcranial photoacoustic imaging
8. Influence of Piezoelectric Properties on the Ultrasonic Dispersion of TiO2 Nanoparticles in Aqueous Suspension
9. Partially activated reconfigurable arrays to guide acoustic waves
10. Hybrid Equivalent Circuit/Finite Element/Boundary Element Modeling for Effective Analysis of an Acoustic Transducer Array with Flexible Surrounding Structures
11. Study of the influence of the housing on the cooling efficiency of the piezoceramic electroacoustic Langevin-type transducer
12. The excitation and detection of Lamb waves in a droplet-loaded plate using air-coupled ultrasonic transducers
13. High Temperature Ultrasonic Transducers: A Review
14. Measurement and simulation of steered acoustic fields generated by a multielement array for therapeutic ultrasound
15. Containerless Bioorganic Reactions in a Floating Droplet by Levitation Technique Using an Ultrasonic Wave
16. A triple-frequency transducer for endoscopic imaging: Simulation design and experimental verification
17. Analysis of Acoustic Near Field Characteristics in Acousto-Optic Modulator
18. Subwavelength Acoustic Vortex Beams Using Self-Demodulation
19. A Novel NaCl Concentration Detection Method Based on Ultrasonic Impedance Method
20. A wearable ultrasonic neurostimulator-Part I: A 1D CMUT phased array system for chronic implantation in small animals
21. … pulsed high-power spikes in tunable HV capacitive drivers of piezoelectric wideband transducers to improve dynamic range and SNR for ultrasonic imaging and NDE
22. PVDF Ultrasonic Sensors for In-Air Applications: A Review
23. Ultrasonic inspection of hybrid polymer matrix composites
24. Effect of Acoustic Cavitation on Mouse Spermatogonial Stem Cells: Colonization and Viability
25. Linear and nonlinear resonant ultrasonic techniques applied to assess delayed ettringite formation on concrete samples
26. Engineering the electromechanical response of piezoelectric transducers: Some challenging applications
27. Development of in situ acoustic instruments for the aquatic environment study
28. A study of transducers with different monitoring surfaces for assessing the condition of cavitation activity
29. Evaluation of material degradation using phased array ultrasonic technique with full matrix capture
30. Monitoring of corrosion effects in pipes with multi-mode acoustic signals
31. Computational Modelling of Ultrasonic Propagation of a HIFU Transducer in Ligament and Cartilage
32. Preliminary Determination of the Optimal Parameters When Using an Ultrasonic Probe to Measure Cavern Geometry Where a Metal Borehole Pipe Is Present
33. Investigation of Broading Modulus Range of Soft Probes by Single-beam Acoustic tweezer
34. Non-contact in-process ultrasonic screening of thin fusion welded joints
35. Self-organization and culture of Mesenchymal Stem Cell spheroids in acoustic levitation
36. Design and Fabrication of Wideband Air-Coupled Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers With Varying Width Annular-Ring and Spiral Cell Structures
37. Implementation method for magneto-acoustic concentration tomography with magnetic induction (MACT-MI) based on the method of moments
38. Selective particle separation on centimeter scale using a dual frequency dynamic acoustic field
39. Phase-insensitive ultrasound computed tomography for acoustic attenuation imaging of breast phantoms
40. Tunable patterning of microscale particles using a surface acoustic wave device with slanted-finger interdigital transducers
41. Dual-Use Transducer for Ultrasound Imaging and Pulsed Focused Ultrasound (pFUS) Therapy
42. Visualization of Acoustic Energy Absorption in Confined Aqueous Solutions by PNIPAM Microgels: Effects of Bulk Viscosity
43. A9. 1 Excitation of Guided Acoustic Waves Using Ignition Sparks
44. Medium Dependency of Acoustic Energy Transfer System
45. A review on echo and phase inverted scanning in acoustic microscopy for failure analysis
46. Design of a hexagonal air-coupled capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer for air parametric array
47. Extraction of the outer edge of spot welds from the acoustic image with the aid of image processing
48. Experimental and numerical investigation of a self-adapting non-contact ultrasonic motor
49. Three dimensional acoustic tweezers with vortex streaming
50. Acoustic topological circuitry in square and rectangular phononic crystals
51. Research on Ultrasonic Transducers to Accurately Determine Distances in a Coal Mine Conditions
52. Method for accurately measuring of acoustic time difference based on optimal threshold
53. Analytical Modelling of Hexagonal Shaped Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer
54. Low-powered implantable devices activated by ultrasonic energy transfer for physiological monitoring in soft tissue via functionalized electrochemical electrodes
55. Dynamics of hydraulic fracture development according to acoustic transmission data
56. An optically-transparent transducer with a high-NA and wide-bandwidth for photoacoustic microscopy (PAM)
57. An underwater propulsion system with (Bi, Na, Ba)(Ti, Mn) O3 transducer
58. Stretchable Ultrasonic Linear Array Based On Laser Processing
59. Crack detection with Gas-Coupled Laser Acoustic Detection technique
60. Ultrasonic beam radiation from a piston source through a water-immersed steel plate using ASM. Pressure-to-pressure transfer function and numerical …
61. Theoretical modeling and experimental investigation of a V-shaped traveling wave piezoelectric transducer for ultrasonic cavitation Peening: Part A
63. Influence of ultrasonic waves on the gas-solid flow and the solids dispersion in a CFB riser: Numerical and experimental study
64. Analysis of elastic wave propagation excited by acoustic non-contact method
65. Frequency-based Ultrasonic Backscatter Modulation for Passive Sensing Applications
66. Thermal Ablation and High-Resolution Imaging Using a Back-to-Back (BTB) Dual-Mode Ultrasonic Transducer: In Vivo Results
67. Monitoring damage in composite plates from crack initiation to macro-crack propagation combining linear and nonlinear ultrasonic techniques
68. Study on flow field and measurement characteristics of a small-bore ultrasonic gas flow meter
69. A non-invasive acoustic-trapping of zebrafish microfluidics
70. Design of a radial ultrasonic horn for plastic welding using finite element analysis
71. Mechanisms of ultrasonic de-agglomeration of oxides through in-situ high-speed observations and acoustic measurements
72. Nonlinear Acoustics Applications for Near-Wellbore Formation Evaluation
73. Monolithic PMUT-on-CMOS Ultrasound System for Single Pixel Acoustic Imaging
74. High-precision Versatile Ultrasonic Flow Meters Based on Matrix Transducer Arrays
75. A Study on Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer Periodic Sparse Array
76. Laboratory assessment on factors controlling the acoustic properties of carbonates: A case study from Bombay offshore
77. Switching Action of a Bistable Fluidic Amplifier for Ultrasonic Testing
78. Ultrasonic signal detection based on Fabry–Perot cavity sensor
79. Breaking Acoustic Limit of Optical Focusing Using Photoacoustic‐Guided Wavefront Shaping
80. Application of Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Nondestructive Testing in the Measurement of Elastic Modulus of Materials

Research Area: Acoustics And Ultrasonics Transducers