Introduction to Business Past Papers


Subject: Introduction to Business

Time Allowed: 2 Hrs. 45 Min

Maximum Marks: 10

NOTE: Attempt this Paper on this Question Sheet only. Please encircle the correct option. Division of marks is given in front of each question. This Paper will be collected back after expiry of time limit mentioned above.


Part-I Encircle the right answer, cutting and overwriting is not allowed. (1×10=10)

1. Election of the board of directors is done by shareholders;

a) Through special! Resolution (c) in special meeting

b) In annual general meeting (d) in statutory meeting

2. Among different managerial styles, which of the following allows most rapid: decision making?

a) Autocratic (c) free reign

b) Democratic (d) None of these;

3. _________ includes the rules and regulations necessary to manage the internal affairs of the company.

a} Memorandum of Association                (c) Prospectus

b) Articles of association – (d) All of above

4. A set of marketing tools-product, price, place and promotion is known as

a) Marketing Mix (c) Both A&B

b) Market segmentation = (d) None of above

5. Motorcycle and car are different products, but both fulfill the need for transport is an example of;

(a) Brand competition                    (c) market competition ae

(b) Substitute product competition         (d) None of the above ©

6. Portion of the undistributed profit transferred to which of the following? ’ :

(a) General reserves                      (c) appropriation account

(b) Retained earnings                    (d) all of the above

7. A joint stock company may be wound up voluntarily in which of the following ways:

a) Fails to submit statutory report (c) expiry of period =

b) Fails to start business within one year of incorporation (d) all of Above.

8. A certificate of ownership of a business is a;

a) Bond (c) contract

b) Mutual fund (d) stock

9. Products purchased by companies to produce other products;

a) Consumer goods (c) service

b) Industrial goods (d) inventory

10. Which of the following is a disadvantage of partnership? . me ay

(a) Distribution of work                                 (c) profit sharing

(b) Sufficient capital                       (d) limited liability