How to write a c++ program with class?

How to write a C++ program with class?

It’s very simple to write a C++ program with a class. We need to follow the following steps;

It’s very easy to include a class with a C++ main program. Just follow the following steps;

Step 1: Begin with header files.

Step 2: adding the namespace.

Step 3: Declaration and definition of the class.

Step 4: Starting the main function.

Step 5: In the main function, creates the one or many objects of the class as you required.

Step 6: Call the functions of the class in the main function with the help of class objects.

Let’s see it with an example.

Example to write a C++ program with class

Write a program in C++ to find the sum of the series 1 +11 + 111 + 1111 + .. n terms with class.

c++ program with class
c++ program with class

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Write a program in C to convert an Octal number to a Decimal number without using an array, function, and while loop with class.

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