Essay on life in a big city- [500 words]

Write an essay on the big city in 500 words:

Life in big cities can be both an exciting and tiresome process. Cities tend to have a lot of attractive and appealing places and opportunities so they are vastly different from lives in villages or rural areas. Let’s discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of living in a big city, including the diverse cultures, fast-paced lifestyle, and job opportunities.

Pros of Living in a City

  1. Diversity: culture and social scene. Large cities tend to be habited by a large number of different ethnicities and groups of people. So you get to enjoy food, music, and home structures from all over the world. Additionally, big cities are home to a wide range of entertainment options, from music festivals and theater productions to museums and art galleries. All these forms of different types of entertainment make city life to be far more enjoyable and entertaining.
  2. Fast-paced lifestyle: Large cities are also preferred because of their face-paced life, while many people enjoy the calmness and a relaxing atmosphere. There are a lot of people who enjoy a speedy and rapid lifestyle. The fast-paced lifestyle in big cities can also be motivating for people who enjoy being productive and achieving their goals. Additionally, big cities offer a wide range of job opportunities, which can be beneficial for people who are looking to advance their careers.
  3. Clothes and Trends: Big cities can also be great for people who want to enjoy wearing different types of clothes. Unlike rural areas, where only a few sets of getups can be worn. In cities, people tend to try all sorts of trending clothes and fashion. Life in cities is busy, so not a lot of people get time to criticize others for their getups, etc.
  4. Metropolitan: A metropolis city has a lot of advantages over a village. There is a huge variety of modes of transportation. You can use subways, trains, buses, or even your own vehicle/bike to travel from one part of the city to another in a matter of minutes. Access to network towers makes it easy to contact one another through mobile phones and through the internet. All of the qualities of life make city life to be more accessible and effortless for living.

Cons of a City Life

  1. Costly Lifestyle: City life can be undoubtedly a pricey choice of lifestyle. While cities do have a lot of options for Housing complexes, transportation, and entertainment areas. These are often quite high in price and are often seen as an extravagant waste of money.
  2. Pollution: Cities are often tightly condensed with a large number of people living in huge buildings and housing complexes. This means that there is a lot more soil and land pollution in cities compared to rural areas. There is a lot more noise pollution as well. This makes city life quite hectic and a bit of a headache. All of the stress of living in a city life can be detrimental to one’s health.
  3. Apathy: City life is a face-paced lifestyle. While it is great for people who are looking for job opportunities. Communities in cities can be quite merciless and cruel. Village communities are known for being close and empathic towards each other. They often see one another as family. However, this is not the case in cities. People in cities tend to mind their own selves and not care for one another so much.