data structure mcq DSS1

Multiple Choice Questions

Basic programming

Set 1


Q1.  logA B =…….?

a=log A + log B ;

b=log A − log B  

c=XAXB = XA+


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Q2. we can convert temperatures from Fahrenheit to Celsius by applying the formula ……

a=IntCell temporary = 37;

b=printDigit( n % 10 );

c=C = 5(F − 32)/9

d=None of these

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Q3. Encapsulation is …….?

a= Member functions

b=Information hiding



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Q4. A function is being passed by placing it inside an object. This object is commonly known as a ……….

a=Function of all operator

b=Function object

c=Operator overloading


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Q.5. In C++, there are several different mechanisms for returning from a function. The most

straightforward mechanism to use is …….

a=Call by value

b=Call by value

c=Return by reference

d=Return by value

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Q6.Many languages, C and Java included, pass all parameters using ……..

a=Call by reference

b=Call by Value

c=Return by value

d=Return by reference

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Q7. Reference variables are often used to avoid copying objects across ……..

a=Function-describe boundaries

b=Function-call boundaries


d=Function destructor

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Q.8An ……  is an expression that identifies a non-temporary object.

a=L values

b=R values



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Q.9 An ……..  is an expression that identifies a temporary object or is a value (such as a literal constant) not associated with any object.

a=L values

b=R values



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Q10. Assignment and comparison of pointer variables in C++ is based on the value of the ……..





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