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Advance Qualitative Research Methods Past Paper

Advanced Qualitative Research Methods Universities past papers

Advance Qualitative Research Methods Past Paper

Q1:   Mark the following as True or False

  1. Generalization is the essence of research work
  2. Research is always problem oriented.
  3. A variable is a quantity that can change while a constant is a measurable representation of an abstract construct.
  4. Educational research I expert, systematic and accurate investigation.
  5. Content analysis and historical researches are one and the same thing.
  6. A teacher observing in his own class is a participant observer.
  7. Educational research would yield the same results whether conducted in USA, UK or Pakistan.
  8. Thesaurus and dictionary are opposite of each other.
  9. A library classification is an ingenious way of systematizing the placement and location of books.
  10. Theory can be used to predict further facts that should be found through research.
  11. Applied Sciences rely on Basic Sciences.
  12. Theories are systematic explanations of the underlying phenomenon or behavior.
  13. Descriptive research determines the” what, where and when’ while explanatory research tries to seek an explanation of a phenomenon.
  14. In educational research, the reliability of test scores can be defined as  the consistency of scores obtained by the same individual on different occasions with different stages of equivalent items

Q2:   What is meant by standardized tests and how can achieve standardization?

Q3:   Discuss the merits and limitations of Interview method of seeking information.

Q4:   Discuss the purpose and uses of the survey method in educational research.

Q5:   List causes for the need of research generalization.

Q6:    Describe three characteristics that distinguish qualitatively from quantitative research.

Q7:    List the areas or fields of educational research.

Q8:     Attempt any three of the following:

  1. Discuss the limitations of educational research.
  2. Where are most of the educational research conducted?
  3. What criteria should we use for the selection of research problems?
  4. Evaluation of the problem from a research point of view.
  5. How can we locate the sources of information for our research?
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