Top Selling Famous Recommended Books of Advance Computer Programming

Top Selling Famous Recommended Books of Advance Computer Programming

In this post, we will see a list of some famous books on formal methods in software engineering and Computer Science.

S.NOBook NameAuthor Name
1Advances in Financial Machine LearningMarcos Lopez de Prado
3Optimal Power Flow Using Evolutionary Algorithms (Advances in Computer and Electrical Engineering)Provas Kumar Roy and Susanta Dutta
4Blockchain Technology: Platforms, Tools and Use Cases, Volume 111 (Advances in Computers)Pethuru Raj and Ganesh Chandra Deka
5Deep Learning and Convolutional Neural Networks for Medical Image Computing: Precision Medicine, High Performance and Large-Scale Datasets (Advances in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition)Le Lu and Yefeng Zheng
6Gamification-Based E-Learning Strategies for Computer Programming Education (Advances in Game-based Learning) Ricardo Alexandre Peixoto de Queirós and Mário Teixeira Pinto
7Python for Tweens and Teens (Black & White Edition): Learn Computational and Algorithmic ThinkingAristides S Bouras and Loukia V Ainarozidou
8SQL: The Ultimate Beginners Guide: Learn SQL TodaySteve Tale
9Quadratic Programming with Computer Programs (Advances in Applied Mathematics)Michael J. Best
10Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles: Theory, Algorithms, and Implementation (Advances in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition)Hong Cheng
11Guide to 3D Vision Computation: Geometric Analysis and Implementation (Advances in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition)Kenichi Kanatani and Yasuyuki Sugaya
14Denoising of Photographic Images and Video: Fundamentals, Open Challenges and New Trends (Advances in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition)Marcelo Bertalmío
15Advances in Computer Application and Signal ProcessJanahanlal Stephen Ph. D.
16Decision Forests for Computer Vision and Medical Image Analysis (Advances in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition)Shotton, J and Antonio Criminisi
17Unity From Zero to Proficiency (Foundations): A step-by-step guide to creating your first game with Unity. [Second Edition, November 2017]Patrick Felicia
19Python and Algorithmic Thinking for the Complete Beginner: Learn to Think Like a ProgrammerAristides S Bouras and Loukia V Ainarozidou
20JavaScript: The Ultimate Beginners Guide: Start Coding TodaySteve Tale




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