Top Selling Famous Recommended Books of distributed database systems

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Top Selling Famous Recommended Books of distributed database systems

In this post, we will see a list of some famous books on formal methods in software engineering and Computer Science. 

S.NOBook NameAuthor Name
1Principles of Distributed Database SystemsM. Tamer Özsu and Patrick Valduriez
2Principles Of Distributed Database Systems, 3EOzsu
3Distributed Database System Ray
4Database Reliability Engineering: Designing and Operating Resilient Database SystemsLaine Campbell and Charity Majors
5Designing Data-Intensive Applications: The Big Ideas Behind Reliable, Scalable, and Maintainable Systems Martin Kleppmann
6Distributed Database Management Systems: A Practical ApproachSaeed K. Rahimi and Frank S. Haug
7Principles of Distributed Database Systems (2nd Edition)M. Tamer Ozsu and Patrick Valduriez
8Distributed Databases: Principles and Systems (McGraw-Hill Computer Science Series)Stefano Ceri and Giuseppe Pelagatti
9Principles of Distributed Database SystemsM. Tamer Ozsu and Patrick Valduriez
10Ddbms Distributed Database Management System a Clear and Concise ReferenceGerardus Blokdyk
12Seeking SRE: Conversations About Running Production Systems at Scale


David N. Blank-Edelman
13Advanced Concepts In Operating SystemsMukesh Singhal and Niranjan Shivaratri
14Hacking: The Underground Guide to Computer Hacking, Including Wireless Networks, Security, Windows, Kali Linux and Penetration TestingAbraham K White
15Distributed Database Systems (International Computer Science Series) by Bell David Grimson Jane (1992-02-26) PaperbackBell David Grimson Jane
16Mastering Blockchain: Distributed ledger technology, decentralization, and smart contracts explained, 2nd EditionImran Bashir
17Distributed Algorithms (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Data Management Systems)Nancy A. Lynch
19Distributed Database System: New Era Big Data database technology (2nd Edition)(Chinese Edition)YU GE . SHEN DE RONG ZHU

(Chinese Writer )

20A Distributed Database System: As the Backbone of a Modular Campus Management System for Afghan UniversitiesWazir Khan Ahmadzai




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