[PPSC Pakistan] Past Papers Assistant Food Controller

This paper was held in 16-12-2013.

  1. Meteorology is the study of _______? Weather
  2. Punjab Govt starting Coal project with neighbour country China at which of the following area? Godani
  3. The Last Umayyad Caliph was _______? Marwan II
  4. Daily prayers (salat), 3. Alms-giving (zakat), 4. Fasting during Ramadan (saum), 5. Hajj or pilgrimage to Mecca)
  5. Why Al razi was famous? physician
  6. Zaboor revealed on ___? hazrat Dawud A.S
  7. Captan cook was ______? Australian Navigator
  8. Who is the First women prime minister of World? Sirimavo Bandaranaike (Srilankan)
  9. 20/10/15/5 mounds
  10. Which country is the winner of last FIFA world cup?
  11. Union Jack is the flag of which country? UK
  12. What is the meaning of blued eyed? jealous
  13. Which poet got Lenin award? Faiz Ahmad Faiz
  14. Which continent is most populated…….Asia, According to 2021, 4.68 billion people accounting for nearly 59.5% of the world population
  15. What was the Major focus of Pakistan foreign Policy? Integrity of Country
  16. In Kashmir Issue, Who offered to become granter? UN
  17. The Holly Prophet (PBUH) spend _______years in Makka? 53
  18. Which of the following is the First reveled Surah of Quran? Surah Alaq
  19. Pakistan Purchase Gawadar from which of the following country? Oman
  20. KBG is the secret agency of which country? Russia: KBG stands for Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti,
  21. Sectary
  22. Abdullah bin Muhammad is the president of? Saudi Arabia
  23. Ibrahim Lincon was the ________President of USA? 16th
  24. Which of the following is the Longest Surah in Quran? Surah Al-Baqrah
  25. Which of the following is the Real name of Ibn-e-Safi? Israr Ahmad
  26. In which year, Sind Tas agreement? 1960
  27. In 1947, the largest city of Pakistan was? Dacca
  28. A tale of two cities related to which revolution? French Revolution
  29. Which country has highest military award of Vir Chakra? India
  30. Which is human rights organization? Amnesty International
  31. The law of gravitation was proposed by which scientist? Issac newton
  32. The person who always looks at the bright side of things is called? optimist
  33. Baluchistan
  34. Where is the Headquarter of International Court of Justice? Hogue
  35. Which country head visit to Pakistan first and who was the first Head of State to visit Pakistan? Iran, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi
  36. In which country, Heathrow airport is located? London
  37. Who proposed the Law of gravity? Isac Newton
  38. Which food give portents? Meat
  39. OIC 2nd summit in Pakistan in which year? 1974
  40. Mountbaten succeeded by ? Weval
  41. Accra is the capital of which country? Ghana
  42. In 1909 which reforms were presented? Minto Morly:Indian Council Act of 1909 is also famous with Morley- Minto Reform
  43. Who is Jeo Baiden? V. President of USA
  44. Alexander the great invasion of india was in _____? 326 bc
  45. Russia Afghan War was ended with which of the following agreement? Moscow Agreement
  46. Who wrote the book “Jinnah to Zia”? Justice Munir
  47. The old name of Taiwan? Formosa
  48. What is the antonym of clear? vague, unclear, opaque, murky
  49. Where is the head quarter of international court of justice? The Hague (Netherlands).
  50. In _______ all RTC were held? London
  51. Whos is the author of India wins freedom? Abu Al kalam Azad
  52. The honor of First Urdu translation of Quran is to _____? Abdul Qadir
  53. Which is the National flower of Pakistan? Jasmine
  54. Which of the following is the last Month of Islamic calendar? Zilhaj
  55. Shikwa or Jawab-e-Shikwa is in which book? Bang-e-Darra
  56. Aung Sang Sui is leader of which country? Mayanmar
  57. The First translation of the Quran is in which language? Latin language
  58. The ghazwa of Badar took place in which year? 624
  59. The majlis ia a Parliament of which country? iran
  60. Which was the first signed agreement with USA from Pakistan? Defense
  61. What is the meaning of zarb-ul-misal, “nach na jaane aangan tedha”?
  62. The basic articles in Islam are ______? 5 (1. The profession of faith (the shahada)
  63. What is the meaning of FIQAH? Islamic Jurisprudence
  64. Which is the Capital of Morocco? Rabbat
  65. The first Nasri and Tamseeli Dastan of Urdu? Sabras Urdu Portion
  66. Australian Currency is____? Australian dollar
  67. The founder of Khaksar Tehreek _________? Allama Mashriqi
  68. Which is the new name of Burma? Mayanmar
  69. 1 trillion is equal to how many billions? 100 Billion
  70. Which of the following is the Largest industry of Pakistan? Textile industry
  71. The minimum worth of usher on well-irrigated land is _______ mounds?
  72. Who collected most of the Ahadees? Hazrat Ayesha R.A
  73. In which year, China got independence? in 1949
  74. What is the meaning of INFAQ? Spending money in the way of God[Allah]
  75. Who was the Dick Cheney? V. President of USA
  76. Second five year plan of Pakistan was in ____? 1960-65
  77. ____ produce the movie on Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali “Jinnah”? Jamil Dehlvi
  78. In which year, Pak won T20? in 20009
  79.  ________related to Russian revolution? Linen
  80. Who is the author of Isa rul Sanadid? Sir, Syed
  81. Where is Fort Bala Hassar? Peshawar
  82. Davis cup is famous for which support? Tenis
  83. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is president of? Egypt
  84. What is the synonym of animosity? hatred
  85. What is the meaning of Ushar? 1/10
  86. Where Quaid presented his 14 points? Dehli
  87. Who is the author of Toba take singh? sadat hasan mantoo
  88. Who is the First sahib e deewan poet?
  89. America Leavs Afghanistan in which of the following year?
  90. Why Abdullah Husaain is famous in Urdu? He is Novlist.
  91. Why Shikra was famous? Singing
  92. Which is the largest building of the world? Burj Khalifa,  828-metre (2,717 ft) tall
  93. Which of the following is the Best fore-import commodity item of Pakistan? Rice