Organizational Behavior Past Papers


Subject: Organizational Behavior

Time Allowed: 15 Minutes

Maximum Marks: 10

NOTE: Attempt this Paper on this Question Sheet only.  Please encircle the correct option. Division of marks is given in front of each question. This Paper will be collected back after expiry of time limit mentioned above.


Part-I Encircle the right answer, cutting and overwriting are not allowed. (10)

1. ___________ is the sum total of ways in which an individual reacts to and interacts with others.
a) Moods
b) Values
c) Personality
d) Attitudes
2. Through the _______ function, managers monitor the performance of the organization and significant deviations.
a) Organizing
b) Planning
c) Leading
d) Controlling
3. Perception is the process by which people ___________ information.
a) Generate
b) Retrieve
c) Transmit
d) Verify
4. is the degree to which a person psychologically identifies with his or her job.
a) Job commitment
b) Job overload
c) Organizational citizenship
d) Job involvement
5. An individual who is able to adjust his/her behavior to external factors is a high _________.
a) Machiavellianism
b) Emotional Maturity
c) Type A
d) Self-monitor
6. ________ theory argues that behavior is a function of its consequences.
a) Equity
b) Reinforcement
c) Goal-setting
d) Expectancy
7. Which is considered the most important trait of effective leaders?
a) Agreeableness
b) Extraversion
c) Emotional Stability
d) Openness to experience
8. A _________ has developed the capacity to adapt and change.
a) Learning organization
b) Virtual organization
c) Matrix structure
d) Simple structure
9. Which of the following is an individual level strategy for dealing with stress?.
a) Improving time management skills
b) Engaging in physical exercise
c) Learning relaxation techniques
d) All of the above
10. When employees are dissatisfied, they may respond with ________ actively and constructively attempting to improve conditions.
a) Exit
b) Voice
c) Loyalty
d) Neglect


Subject: Organizational Behavior

Time Allowed: 2 Hours 45 Minutes

Maximum Marks: 50



Part-II Give short answer, each question carries equal marks. (20)

Q#1: What are three management skills?

Q#2: Define general mental ability.

Q#3: Differentiate between terminal values and instrumental values.

Q#4: Define self-efficacy

Q#5: What is meant by heredity?

Q#6: Define work force diversity.

Q#7: What are key characteristics of OB as a scientific discipline?

Q#8: What is meant by hygiene factor in two factor theory?

Q#9: Name early theories of motivation.

Q#10: Explain how does 360 evaluation work as a performance appraisal approach?


Part-III Give detailed answers, each question carries equal marks. (30)

Q#1: What is meant by attitude? Give names of major job attitudes and explain job satisfaction as an attitude at workplace.

Q#2: Briefly explain Big Five personality traits.

Q#3: Define stress. Give detail of individual and organizational strategies of managing stress.