Comparison between Positive Feedback and Negative Feedback Mechanism

Let me share with you a comparison between Positive Feedback and Negative Feedback Mechanism.


Aspect Positive Feedback mechanism Negative Feedback mechanism
Introduction A process in which the response intensifies the original stimulus, promoting a self-amplifying cycle. A process in which the stimulus amplifies the changes rather than reversing it.
Regulation Type Rare and often associated with processes that require rapid and decisive responses. Common and predominant in maintaining stable internal conditions.
Stability Can lead to instability Promotes stability
Set Point Adjustment Usually doesn’t involve setting a new set point Helps bring the system back to the original set point.




·        During blood clotting, platelet release signals for more platelets to aggregate, amplifying the clotting process.

·        Oxytocin release during childbirth contractions

·        Surge in luteinizing hormone (LH) during the menstrual cycle.


·        Sweating in response to high body temperature cools the body.

·        Insulin release in response to high blood glucose

·        Release of cortisol in response to stress.