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How To Increase Facebook Page Likes, Online Earning Methods

How to get more likes on facebook page

in short time?

There is no any ethical short cut for getting the more page likes in short time. But there are some guidelines that are mentioned below to increase the page likes.

  1. Well managed and well decorate you facebook page.
  2. Page name and page banner must specify and describe the page.
  3. Page should be regularly updated.
  4. All post on page should be focused and related to interest of users.
    • For example if your page is about “buying and selling the cars” then you should not post the other things like a song, a movie or a drama on your page. Because your audience like your page only for “buying and selling the cars”.

There are some other un-ethical ways to increase the facebook page, as some people use the scripts and web browser plugins to auto like the page. This can helps to increase page views but ethically it is not recommended so always be positive and work hard. Work hard is only the key to success.  Never use short cuts.


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