Bio Safety and Risk Management Important Questions – Past Papers

Paper 1: Bio Safety and Risk Management – University Past Papers.

Time Allowed: 3 hours

Total Marks:    70, Passing Marks (35)

Theory: 20 (1hour)

Q1: Mark the following statements either as True or False. (10 Marks)

i. Aspiration is the breathing out(True / False)
ii. Autoclave invented by Charles Chamberland in year 1900 (True / False)
iii. Mycobacteria and nonenveloped viruses are more susceptible to chemical disinfection (True / False)
iv. HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air (True / False)
v. Antiseptic usually applied to body surfaces (True / False)
vi. Chemical disinfectants are used for decontaimination of surfaces and equipments that cannot be autoclaved(True / False)
vii. Ultra voilet radiations having limited penetrating power.(True / False)
viii. “Rad” stands for Reactive activity dose (True / False)
ix. A chemical or mixture of chemicals used to kill microorganisms, but not spores are sporocide. (True / False)
x. Congo virus belongs to Risk group 2 (True / False)

All questions carry equal marks. (15 Marks)

Q2: If you are member of monitoring committee how you will manage a risk?

Q3: Discuss in detail what is Biosafety and all its safety levels?

Q4: Write a detail note on Containment , Primary containment, Secondary containment.

Q5: How will you design a lab based on biosafety and containment parameters?

Q6: What are chemical hazards and the preventions when chemical associated accidents occur?

Q7: What are ionizing radiations and its harmful effects?