[PPSC Pakistan] Past Papers Deputy District Population Officer


  1. What is the total area of Pakistan in sq/km? 796096 sq/km
  2. Insulin is secreted by which of the following organ? Pancreas
  3. Quaid e Azam join Muslim League in? 1913
  4. 1st Islamic conference held in which city of Morocco? Rabat
  5. The last Governor General of Pakistan was _____? Sikandar Mirza
  6. Who is buried in Najaf-e-Ashraf? Mola Ali R.A
  7. Who discovered the sea route of Europe to India? Vas Co De Gama
  8. Davis cup is related to? Long Tenis
  9. What is the Literacy Rate of Pakistan? 56.6
  10. Which is the headquarters of ADB? Manila
  11. According to the act of ________ demand of separate electorate was approved? 1909
  12. Who was the author of Bande Matram? Chittar G
  13. Current COAS? Raheel Sharif
  14. Aung Sug Sochi is the political leader of _____? Myanmar
  15. Who was the Prime minister when Ayub imposed Martial Law? Feroz Noon
  16. Which is the highest export commodity of Pakistan? Rice
  17. What is the Unit of current? Ampere
  18. Abadan is very famous for which of the followings? World’s largest oil refinery
  19. Muqadas
  20. Senate was formulated in which constitution? 1973
  21. Alexandria is the seaport of which country? Egypt
  22. Which of the following is the name of the device used in computers that works like TV? Monitor
  23. What is the Per Capita Income of Pakistan? 1246$
  24. The write of “working with Zia” was? Gen. A.K Iqbal
  25. Singapore is in which country? Malaysia
  26. The Session of the national assembly must have ___days in a year.
  27. Kampala is the capital of which country? Uganda
  28. Salt range is present in which province of Pakistan? Punjab
  29. Ashes cup played between which countries? UK Vs Australia
  30. Sectary of state of USA? Antony Blinken according to August 2022
  31. Who was
  32. The total number of laws of motion by Newton? 3
  33. Crusades battle between Christens and Muslims was fought on which
  34. Who was the First Asian who got Nobel prize? Rabindra Nath Tegor
  35. Currency of China? Yaun
  36. Which is the largest industry in Pakistan? Textile
  37. The last Nishan-e-Haider was given to which soldier? Hawaldar Lalak Jan Shaheed
  38. Current CJ? Tasduk Hussain
  39. issue? Baitul
  40. Russian revolution led by which of the followings? Lenin
  41. Which Pakistani leader visit India recently?
  42. The largest Oil producing Province of Pakistan is? Sindh
  43. Quaid fourteen points were the reply of which report? Nehro Report
  44. Lord waval becomes viceroy after which of the followings? Linthingow
  45. Khnjrab pass connect with which countries? Pak with China
  46. Education
  47. Dar-ul-Islam is the capital of? Tanzania
  48. Who invented the thermometer? Galileo Galilei
  49. Which of the following is the political development expecting in soon? Local Body
  50. Communal award announced in _______? Rippon
  51. Warren Buffet became wealthy from which of the following industry?
  52. Iran sent recently which of the following animal in space? Monkey
  53. The total number of seats in the National assemble is ____? 342
  54. Which personality finalized the Dehli Proposal? Quaid/Nehro
  55. According to Population, Pakistan is on ____number? 6th
  56. The First Governor of Punjab after independence was _____? Abdul Rab Nishtar
  57. Which is the largest mountain in the world? Mount Everest
  58. How much participation of Muslims decide in act 1919? 2/3 or 1/4
  59. Border with (China/Iran/India/Held Kashmir)?
  60. Who proposed the Theory of relativity? Einstein
  61. In which sector is Pakistan going to spend 7% of GDP by 2015?
  62. The founder of Geometry is _____? Euclid
  63. Burma is the old name of which of the following? Myanmar
  64. Bala Hissar Fort is located in which city? Peshawar
  65. Which of the following is the World’s Oldest University? Al-Azhar
  66. Steve Jobs is famous for? Apple
  67. War of waterloo fought between which countries? Germany and France
  68. Rain is measured by which of the following instruments? Rain Gauge
  69. Tomb of Humayun is located in ______? Dehli
  70. 130 days
  71. Wadia Mander Scheme related to which of the following? Education
  72. 1st Khilafat movement was held in which of the following city? Dehli
  73. The champion country of immature snooker in 2013? Pakistan
  74. Election
  75. Which is the headquarters of the EU? Brussels