Method of Study and Research Past Papers


Subject: Method of Study and Research

Time Allowed: 15 Min

Total Marks: 10

NOTE: ATTEMPT THIS PAPER ON THIS QUESTION SHEET ONLY. Division of marks is given in front of each question. This Paper will be collected back after expiry of time limit mentioned above.


Part-I Encircle the correct option, each question carries equal marks. (10)

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which of the following?
1. Research design includes all of the fallowing, except _____________.
a) Data collection
b} Sampling design
c) Analysis of data
2. Which type of study is loosely structured to understand topic ______________.
a) Explanatory
b) Causal
c) Descriptive
3. The goal of a formal study is to ___________.
a) Develop hypothesis
b) Test hypothesis
c) Discover future
4. A quantitative Research focuses on _____________.
a) Numerical explanation
b) Verbal explanation
c) Descriptive analysis
5. Field Studies are conducted in _______________.
a) Actual environment
b) Artificial environment
c) controlled environment
6. Literature Review helps to know _______________.
a) What is already known
b) Key contributors
c) Both a & b
7. In Qualitative research Theory is
a) Tested
b) developed
c) Both are wrong
8. Which of the following is not data collection method _____________.
a) Research questions
b) Participant observation
c) Structured Interview
9. Aproposal is known as _______________.
a) Work plan
b) Out line
c) Both are wrong
10. Method in which researchers uses qualitative and quantitative techniques are called __________.
a) Mixed Method
b) Multi-method
c) Both are correct