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I) The sum of mole fractions of solute and solvent is always equal to: A) 0.1 C11.0
B) 10.0 D) Zero
2) Two forces of magnitude 20 N and 10 N act at a point then which one of the following cannot be their poy.11Th: sum? A)30 N B)ION C)35 ND)15N 3) Glycolysis completes with the net gain of: A) 2 ATP B) 3 ATP C)4 ATP D) 32 ATP 4) An Azcotropic mixture of two miscible liquids boils at lower temperature than its components when: A) The system shows negative deviation from Raoult’s law. B) The system shows positive deviation from Ramat’ s law C) The system perfectly obeys Raoult’s law D) Both A) and 13) 5) When a force is applied to a body, several effects are possible. Which one of the following effects could not occur? A) The body speeds up B) The body rotates C) The body changes direction D) Mass of body decreases 6) When you go to Karachi. please A) Collect a good watch for mc. B) Acquire a good watch for me. C) Bring a good watch for me. D) Arrange a good watch for me. 7) Restriction enzymes are of great use in genetic engineering because: A) They cut DNA at a specific base level B) They cut D.N.A at several specific levels C) They help in binding the pieces of D.N.A D) They are nuclease 8) Optical fibers guides: A) Curren; B) Light C) Sound D) Voltage 9) Methanoic acid FIC0011 has one carbomoxygen bond of length 123 PM and another of 136 PM. The C a 0 and (‘ — 0 bond lengths respectively would be: A) 136 PM. 123 PM B) 123 PM and 136 PM C) 136 PM, 136 PM D) 123 PM and 123PM 10) Abcissic acid (ABA) promotes: A) Triple response B) Sex expression C) Flower initiation D) Leaf. flower and fruit fall
II) Choose the compound in which hydrogen bonding is not possible? A)C1120C112 B) H2O C)Clii3O120/1 D)C111,C0011
12) The ratio of output voltage Vo to the voltage difference V. between the positive (+) input and negative (•) input of opamp is (where V.alt. A) Cuntnt gain B) Voltage gain C) Open-loop gain D) Close-400p gain 13) Why have you broken this jug? Patchy form ofthe sentence ir• A) Why has this jug been broken by you? B) Why have this jug been broken by you? C) Why this jug has been broken by you? D) Why had that jug been broken by you? 14) Surplus amino acid in the body are broken down to form urea in: A) Spleen B) Kidneys C) Liver D) Pancreas
15) Lipids arc chemically: A) Acids B) Akohols C) Ethers D) Esters
16) The resistance of light dependant resistance LDR: A) Increases with light B) Decreases with light C) Decreases with darkness D) None of the above
17) “Remember to brush your teeth after dinner: she said. Indirra form of the sentence is. A) She told him to remember to brush his teeth aver dinner. B) She reminded him to brash his teeth after dinner. C) She advisal him to remember to bnnh his will aver dinner. D) She said to him toranembertu bru,h hts teeth after dinner. 18) Which of the following represent the bile salts? A) Bilirubin B) Biliverdin C) Haemoglobin D) Both A) and B) 19) Benzene undergoes substitution reactions more easily than addition reactions because: A) of its cyclic nature B) of having three double bonds C) of aromatic character D) of delocalization of electrons 20) The maximum kinetic energy of an electron ejected from a metal by photon depends on: A) The photon’s frequency only B) The metal work function C) The intensity of incident light D) None of the above

21) A spring system executes simple harmonic motion. If a load is added to it then the time period of spring-mass system will be: A) increased B) decreased C) the same Er) halved
22) Conversion of excess glucose into fat is known as: A) Glycolysis B) Lipogenesis C) Ketogenosis D) Glycogenesis
23) Ring test is shown by compounds having: A) Sulphate radical B) Chloride radical C) Nitrate radical DI None of the above
24) The diode that converts electrical energy into light energy is called: A) Solar cell B) Photodiode C) Vacuum diode DI Light emitting diode
25) Choose the correct sentence out of the following:• A) The country was hard hit by the war. B) The country was hardly hit by the war. C) The country was severely hit by the war. D) The country was more hardly hit by the war.
26) Fatigue free musseles are: A) Striped B) Unstriped C) Cardiac D) Triceps
27) Excretion of bile pigments in blood indicates: A) Anaemia B) Diabetes C) Rickets D) Jaundice
28) Which arrangement of the Photon is in their decreasing energy? A) x rays > i.r. > u.v. > visible B) x rays > u.v. > vsible> C) u.v. > nays > visible> ix. D) i.r. > visible > x rays> u.v.
29) The colours in the soap bubble are due to: A) haerferaice B) Dispersion of light C) Scattering of light D) Refraction of light
30) You did not kill a lion in the forest. Passive fonn of the srn knee as A) A lion is not killed by you In the forest B) A lion was not killed by you in the forest. C) A lion is killed not by you in the forest. D) A lion has not killed by you in the forest.
31) An individual with contrasting alleles is called: A) Homozygous B) Monoecioto C) Heterozygous D) Dioecious 32) Which is the strongest acid? A) Clls COOK B) CI:01 COON e a CHI COOH CO a, c COON
33) An object in a satellite orbiting around the earth is weightless because: A) g = 0 B)No force acts on it C) Its motion is free falID) It is far away from earth
34) The expression for binding energy is: A) Ea -lb B) Er italp N Mel- 71,41C2 C) Es • + N KIMA C2 D) E’ ZMp N M.- M C2
35) Mathematics …. difficult but is fascinating. A) seems B) is seeming C) seemed D) seem
36) The colour of bone marrow is: A) Red B) Yellow C) Orange D) Both A) and B)
37) Enzymes are basically: A) Proteins B) Carbohydrates C) Hydrocarbons D) None of the above
38) Half life of given sample is 44 years. The sample will reduce to 50% of the original value after. A) 22 years B) 88 years C) II years D) None of the above
39) Please come to the point: don’t beat the bush. A) across B) about C) along D) around 40) Ozone is: A) Greenish. tastkss. light gas B) Blue green. and bitter in taste C) Blue. poisonous and explosive gas D) Purple yellow, poisonous and non explosive gas
41) Rectified spirit is: A) 100% ethanol B) 95% ethanol C) 90 % ethanol D) 35% ethanol 42) The time rate of change of magnetic flux has the same dimensions as that of: A) Current B) Resistance C) Magnetic induction 0) Potential difference
43) A non•connective tissue is: A) Arcola: tissue C) Neuron
B) Tendon D) Ligament
44) Lucas Test is used to detect the presence of: A) Alcohols B) Phenols C) Amino acids D) Carboxylic acids 45) The transverse nature of light is verified with the phenomenon of: A) Interference B) Polarization C’) Diffraction D) Dispersion.

46) She has complained me to the Principal. A) about B) from C) against D) over 47) Speech and language area are located in: A) Thalamus B) Medulla oblongata C) Right cerebral hemisphereD) Len cerebral hemisphere 48) Choose the correct statement: A) The aliphatic polyamides are generally known as Nylons B) The aliphatic polyamides are generally known as Polyester C) The aliphatic polyamides arc generally known as Epoxy Resins D) None of the above 49) Na:13407 101420 is the formula of: A) Bauxite B) Borax C) Carborundum D) Colemanite SO) I said to him. tan you read this luta? indirect form of the cenrence it A) I said to him whether he read that letter. B) I asked him if could he read this letter. C) I told him that he could read that letter. D) I asked him if he could read that letter. 51) Phytochromes are involved in: A) Photorespiration B)Photophosphortlation C) Photoperiodism D)Phototropism 52) I emu is equal to 1.661 x 1041g. Men 1.0 g will be equal to: A) 6.022 x IO”amu B)6.022 x lei/mu C) 6.022 x 10•24arnie D)6.022 x 102’amu 53) If a soap bubble is charged: A) Its size decreases B) Its size increases C) No change D) None of them 54) How many genotype will be produced by crossing of two alleles “A” and –C? A) One B) Two C) ThreeD) Four 55) An electric current of I A is passing through a cross section of the coil in 1 second. How many electrons are involved in providing a current of IA? The charge on electron is 1.602×10 C. A) 3.21×10° B) 22x 10′” C) 1.602 x 10″ D) 6.42 x 10° 56) A botanist who proposed the cell-theory was: A) Schlelden B) Schwann C) Robert Hook D) Robert Brown 57) For a certain chemical reaction the slope of the plot was determined and plotted against the concentration Ca — x)2 and a straight line was obtained. It indicates that the reaction is of: A) First order B) Second order C) Third order D) Zero order 58) One mole is the amount of substance which contains as many elementary entities as contained in: A) 0.12 kg of 6C 2 B)1.2 kg of ,C” atom C) 0.012 kg of ,C” atom D) 0.12 kg of .014
59) Smooth endoplasmic reticulum makes: A) Enzymes B) Protein C) Sugar D) Lipids
60) Select the chemical method used for the determination of reaction rate: A) Conductometry B) Polarimetry C) pH metry D) Volumetric analysis
61) The uncertainty recorded in the radian of a sphere is 1.6%. The uncertainty in the area of that sphere is: A) 4.8% B) 3.2% C) 1.6% D) 0.8%
62) How many atoms of oxygen in R.N.A are greater than D.N.A? A) One B) Two C) Three D) Four
63) Bakelite is obtained from: A) Adipic acid and hexamethylenediamine B) Dirnethyl tetephalate and ethyl glycol C) Neoprene D) Phenol and formaldehyde
64) Consider the following endothermic reaction: Nys, t 0.4j0 2N0,,, What will happen to the equilibrium if the temperature of the system is raised? A) The equilibrium will shin in the backward B) Thc equilibrium position will suffer no change C) Thc equilibrium will shift in the forward direction D) All of die above
65) A hunter aiming a bird in a tree should aim: A) A little above the bird B)A little below the bird C) Exactly at the bird D)Very high
(4) Abaucrium that converts NO, to NO) is: A) Rhizobium B) Bacillus C) Nitrosomanas D) Nitrobecter
67) Why it is so that if aromatic compounds. burned In air, produce a very smoky flame? A) Aromatic compound cannot be completely convened into CO: and other products during burning B) The available amount of oxygen present in air is not sufficient to completely burn available compound C) Aromatic compound produces compound. on burning that arc of black colour D) Nome of the above
68) Acetic acid reacts with methanol in the presence of an acid catalyst to give: A) Methyl formate B) Ethyl formate C) Methyl acetate D) Ethyl acetate 69) An ideal transformer steps up or steps down: A) Energy B) AC voltage C) DC voltage D) Power.

70) Growth promoting substance in plant is: A) F.A.D B) Chlorophyll a C) I.A.A D) ABA
71) Select the strongest reducing agent: A) CFI B) We C) Na D) Cr?’
72) Three equal resistors connected in parallel have equivalent resistance R/3. When they are connected in series then the equivalent resistance is: A) ft/3 B) R C) 2R D) 3R A
73) Choose the correct sentence out of the following: A) The sun has been shining since two hours. B) The sun has been shining for about two hours. C) The sun has been shining from two hours. D) The sun has been shining by two hours.
74) Steroid hormones are produces by: A) Testes and marics8)Adrertal glands and gonads C) Adrenal cortex and gonadsl))Gonads and thyroids
75) Which one of the following is not a vector quantity? A) Electric field intensity B) Gravitational field intensity C) Magnetic induction D) Electromotive force
76) B.C.G vaccines are usually given to: A) Children B) Adults C) Special persons D) All of the above
77) Proteins, carbohydrates and fats form three great classes of foodstuffs commonly called: A) Triviratcs 11) Triumvirates C) Trisvirates D) All of the above
78) The velocity of projectile at its maximum height is: A) Zero B) Minimum C) MaximumD)In between maximum and minimum
79) If you want to play cricket A) you ought to join our club. B) you ought to join with our club. C) you ought joined our club. D) you ought to join in our club.
80) Replication of D.N.A occurs in: A) Inter phase B) Prophase C) Metaphase D) Anaphase
81) Allah, the Almighty, has blessed him a son. A) by B) along C) from D) with 82) Regeneration of cartilage is carried on by: A) Collagenous fibers B) Blood vessels C) Perichondzium D) Matrix
83) CIL on complete oxidation in the presence of cu ae catalyst under200 atm yield: A) Methanol B) Formaldehyde C) Formic acid D) Carbondioxidc gas
84) The solids in which the molecules or ions are arranged in a regular repetitive manner are called: A) Amorphous solids B) Glassy solids C) Polymers DI Crystals
85) Nuclear mitosis occurs in the kingdom of: A) Monera B) Protista C) Plantac D) Fungi
86) Compared to benzene. nitration of toluene takes place at: A) slower rate B) faster rate C) same rate D) depends on the conditions
87) Lenz’s law is a particular form of law of conservation of: A) Charge B) Current C) Energy D) Magnetic field
88) The sense of hearing is concerned with: A) Cerebrum B) Cerebellum C) Medulla D) Hypothalamus
89) Sodium hydroxide acts on Aluminum oxide to form: A) NaA10, B) Na,A1:0. C) NaAIO: D) NaA1:01
90) The number of significant figures in the measurement x -10.00300 are: A) 7 B) 8 C) 5 D) 3
91) You need to go to the hospital possible. An erratic herut•lical can be very dangerous. A) as good as B) as long as C) as much as D) as soon as
92) Largest lymphatic duct is the: A) Abdominal duct B) Thorasic duct C) Femoral duct D) Subclavian duct
93) The a bond formed between carbon and oxygen atoms in aldehyde and ketone is due to the overlap of: A) sr —so, B) sr—sr C) spl—sr D) sp—sp
94) Two equal. anti parallel and non concurrent forces that produce only angular acceleration arc: A) Couple B) Couple arm C) Collinear forces D) Torque
95) Redox action takes place during the process of: A) Respiration B) Photosynthesis C) Growth D) Both A and 11.

96) Paper is biodegradable material. It produces gas whose emission is environmentally objectionable. Which is that gas? A) CO2 B) SO2 C) CH. D) NO2 97) The minimum nut of forces that keep the body in equilibrium are: A) Two B) Three C) Four 1)) Five 98) A ball of man 5 kg is dropped from a height of 78.4 m. The time taken by the ball to hit the ground is: A) 2s B) 4s C) 8s D) I6s 99) How many sigma bonds arc there in CH: C11-01^ CH:: A) 6 B) 9 C) 11 D) 4 100) In electromagnetic waves the electric and magnetic vectors are: A) Parallel B)Anti parallel C)Perpendicular D) None of the above 101) The negative gradient of electric potential is also called: A) Potential energyBiEkcmic field intensity C) Electric potential differeneeD)Electro volt 102) In human being. the number of cranial nerves are: A) 8 pairs B) 10 pairs C) 12 pairs I)) 31 pairs 103) Ethene and Ethyne can be distinguished by employing the test: A) Br2 in organic solvent 13113acycr’s reagent C) Phenyl Hydrazine DiTollen’s reagent 104) The ionization potential of Hydrogen atom is: A) 13.6 V B) 1.36 V C) 10.2V D) 4.3V 105) Live attenuated vaccines arc used to treat all of the following diseases except: A) Typhoid and plague B)Polio and measles C) Cholera and rabies D)Mumps and influenza 106) Cracking problem of fuel combustion can be avoided by A) reforming B)improving octane number C) adding TEL D)All of the above 107) The ,honest wavelength of radiation in Paschen series is: A) Rex) 9116, C) 9 Rq D) 9+Ro 108) All of the following are polysaccharides except: A) Lactose B) Cellulose C) Starch D) Glucose 109) Select the compound that will give Positive lodofomi test: A) Benaldchyde B) 2-Pentanone C) 341exanone D) 3-Pentanone
110) The part of electromagnetic spectrum in which Lyman series lies is: A) Visible region C) Ultra violet region
B) Infrared region D) X-rays
A single ovum of human being contains: A) X — chromosomes B)XX — chromosomes C) YY— chromosomes D)XY — chromosomes
112) Choose the correct statement: A) Ionic solids exist in the form of molecules B) Ionic solids have high volatility C) Ionic solids exist in the form of liquids and D) Ionic solids have high melting points and boiling points
113) The centripetal force acting on a body rotating in a circle of radius is F. If the body moves in a circle of radius half of the initial value keeping other quantities constant, then the percentage change in the centripetal force is: A) 300% B) 100% C) 400% D) 200%
114) In • dibybrid CMS, how many homozygous offsprings can be produced? A) 4 B) 3 C) 2 D) 9
115) Which is true about London forces? A) London forces are present in non-polar molecules London forces are present in polar molecules London forces are created between instantaneous dipole and induced dipole D) All of the above.
B) C)
116) Which one of the following properties of electromagnetic waves do not change in vacuum? A) Speed B) Wavelength C) Frequency D) All of the above 117) In human being. the carrier of colour blind is: A) Male B) Female C) Both male and female D) None of them 118) The correct electronic configuration of Nickel (28) is: A) Ise 2p’ 3s’ 3d’ 4e B) Is’ 2.0 21:, 3C 3p’ 3d’ 4s2 4p’ C) Is’ 2s’ 2p. 352 3p6 3d6 Is: 4p2 D) 132 232 2p4 3s2 3ds 4s’ 4p) 119) Hook’s law correlates the: A) Force and displacement B)Force and extension C) Force and eonipressionD)Stress and strain 120) Ghani Khan is of Pashto. A) John Keats B) a John Keats C) the John Keats D) like John Keats.

121) The number of ATP formed directly by a single krebs cycle is: A) One ATP 81 Two ATP C) 32 ATP D) 36 ATP
122) Select the correct equilibrium constant expression. Kc for the following reversible reaction. Ce4;‘,+ Fe”,,, Ce ,„,, + Peng, A) jeerlaerilite(ac) 2 ICe?„°,01Pegol B) Vet,toliPegn Cet,°,0 Pe(4) 1142•49PC11 fregoting, 1 C) ( D) lcc)I In(: )1 Cego Few” 123) MRI works on the principle of. A) Beats B) Inc rference C) Resonance D) Standing waves
124) Myoglobin combines with: A)Eour oxygen molecules B) Three oxygen molecules C) Two oxygen molecules D) One oxygen molecule
125) Sunken stomata are present in: Afflydrophytes B) Xerophytes C) Nlesophytes 13) All of the above
126) Bohr predicted the radius of the orbit of the electron in hydrogen atom to be: n2C°/12 r exam If electron moves from n I to n – 2, by how much times the radius of the orbit will increase? A) 2 times B) 3 times C) 4 times D) 5 times
127) The waveform of sinusoidal voltage, its frequency and phase can be found by: A) CRO B)Diode C) Transistor D) Radio
128) Which blood group transfusion can be made without risk? A) Group A to group B 8) Group AB to group 0 C) Group A to group 0 DI Group B to group AB 129) The first law of thermodynamics has a statement which implies that: A) No heat enters or leaves the system B) The temperature remains constant C) All work is mechanical D) Energy is conserved 130) Haemophilia affects males more than females because of: A) Dominant autosomes B) Dominant X. linked C) Recessive X- linked D) y- chromosome-linked.
When a neutral body is rubbed and it becomes positively charged, it mug have: A) Lost electrons B) Lost protons C) Gained protons D) Gained electrons Penicillin is obtained from A) Algae B) Yeast C) Mushroom D) Mold Which of the following elements with a given electronic configuration has the highest ionization potential value? A) le 2s2 2gal s2 2s2 2p4 Cl I s2 252 2p° 3s’ D) Is: 252 2p° 3s2 3p’ When a charged panicle enters a uniform magnetic field, there is a change in: A) Kinetic energy B)Magnituck of velocity C) Direction of velocity D)All of these insulin is produced by: A) Alpha-cells B) Beta-cells C) Delta-cells D) Gamma-cells Which one is not responsible for the formation of acid rain? A) C0.1 8) SO2 C) CO D) NO2 Which of the following hybridization can explain the shape of WIC A) s’ hybridization B) sp hybridization C) sp” hybridization D) dsp’ hybridization According to Milldam’s oil drop experiment the charge on an oil droplet is: A) Quantized B) Integral multiple of ‘e’ C) Not less thane’ D) All of them Did he buy a car yesterday? rust/weIona of the tentener A) Was a car bought by him yesterday? B) Has a car been bought by him yesterday? C) Is a car bought by him the other day? D) Had a ear been bought by him yesterday? The enthalpy of the elements at 1 atm: pressure and 298 K is arbitrary given the value of: A10.1 B) 1.0 C) 29.8 D) Zero If two forces P and Q arc such that PQ • IP— QI Mien the angle between P and Q is: A) 0° B) 30° C)90° D) 180° Chlorophyll a and b chiefly absorb: A) Violet blue light B) Orange light C) Blue —red light D) Red. orange light Select the correct statement about lattice energy: A) The energy absorbed when I mole of ionic crystal Lattice is formed from its constituent ions in the gaseous state. B) The energy liberated when 1 mole of an ionic crystal Lattice is formed from its constituent ions in the gaseous state C) The energy liberated when I mole of an ionic crystal lattice is Witted into its constituent ions in the gaseous state D) None of the above.

145) Two blocks of masses 1.0 kg and 3.0 kg placed in contact are acted upon by a force of 40 N. The acceleration of 1.0 kg mass will be: A) 40 m 8)10 m s’2C) 30 m 12 D) 50 m S2 146) Choose the correct sentence out of the following: A) Each of them deserves praise. B) Each one of them deserves praise. C) Each one of them deserve praise. D) Every one of them deserves praise. 147) Following nasal passages are composed of conflate except: A) Trachea B) Bronchus C) Browbeats D) Tracheoks 148) A set of xylem tissues arc: A) Vessels. tracheids. parenchyma B) Sieve tubes. companion cell. fibers C) Parenchyma, sieve tube, vessels D) Fibers, companion cells, tracheids 149) Which of the following compounds on treatment with Na1ICO3 will liberate CO2? A) CH, C0011 B)C, Hy NH, C) CHs CO CH, D) CH, CH, OH 150) A body in equilibrium must not have: A) Kinetic energy B) Velocity C) Momentum D) Acceleration 151) Choose the correct sentence out of the following: A) The meeting does not approve in your scheme. B) The meeting do not approves of your scheme. C) The meeting does not approve of your scheme. D) The meeting does not approve about your scheme. 152) The interval of pace maker signals from SAN to AV.N is: A) 01 second B) 0.1 second C) 02 seconds D) 0.2 second 153) Commonly used coagulant used for the purification of water is: A) Ca (N0,)2 B) MgC12 C) Al, (SO.), D) Ca (010, 154) Forces controlling the reactions are proportional to the product of the active masses (concentration) of chemicals. The above statement is of: A) Raoult’s Law B)Lc Chatlier’s principle C) The taw of conservation of energy D) The law of mass action 155) Sound waves cannot be: A) Polarized B) Reflected C) Refracted D) Diffracted 156) He said to me. “May you succeed in life!” Indirect fonts of the sentence it A) He said to me that may you succeed in life. B) He prayed that I might succeed in life. C) He prayed that he might succeed in life. D) He prayed that you may succeed in life. 157) A Test cross is: A) Tt x TtB)Ttxtt C) 7T x Tt DI TT x TT
158) Which compound is formed when Ammonium hydroxide is added to silver chloride? A) (Ag (NI13), ) CI B) [Ag (N11)))C1 C)(Ag (N11)),) Cl D) (Ag (Nlisk) CI 159) The spring constant of a spring is k. If the spring is cut into two halves then the spring constant of one of the half is: A) k + 2 13) k/2 C12k D) k
160) Carotenoid contains: A) Carotenes B) XaMbophyils C) Chlorouhyil -C D)Both A) and B) 161) Which one is spontaneous chemical reaction? A) Zn + Cu”-. Zit.’ + Cu B) + Cu -s + Zn C) 2 Fe (OH),. 2 Fe + 3 + 3 Hp 2
D) 2NaC1-2Na + CI, 162) A force of 6 N acts horizontally on a stationary mass of 2 kg for 4 s. The kinetic energy in Joule is: A) 12 B) 144 C) 72 D) 48 163) If it did not rain in time, there a horrible famine. A) would have been B) will be C) would be D) will have been 164) A person travels a distance x a 20 t+2Ar. where A is a constant. The acceleration of the person is: A) Agins B) 4/A ms • C) 4ms 2 D) 4Ams 2 165) Attraction of water molecules to the xylem vessels is ailed: A) Adhesion B) Cohesion C) Collision D) Corrosion 166) In which of the following compounds hydrogen bonding is possible? A) PH) 8) CH. C) N113 D)
167) Which of the following are Ohmic materials? A) Semiconductors B)Tungsten filament C) Thermistor D)Mctals 168) Tobacco is a: A) Long day plant B)Shon day plant C) Day-neutral plant Minn-mediate plant 169) Ripening of fruits can be promoted by: A) Gibbs-rale acid BOW& acetic acid C) Florigen D)Ethylene gas 170) Sucrose sugar is considered as: A) Monosaccharide B) Oligosschides C) Polysaccharides D) All of the above 171) In the nucleon reaction liNe,,Mer+ X. the particle X is: A) Electron B) Positron C) Proton D) Neutron In) The least toxic excretory product is: A) Ammonia B) Urea C) Uric acid D) Fatty acid 173) Which one of the following will give an ionic product? A)CH, CH, OH + B)CIly CH, OH + Na -■ C)C111 CH, OH + PC1)-+ D)Clis C11, OH + Soars.

174) The angular displacement made by the minute Land of a watch alter 5.0 minutes is: A)30° B) 120° C) 180° D)360. 175) The intensity of a wave is: A) Directly proportional to amplitude B) Directly proportional to (amplitude)” C) Inversely proportional to amplitude D) Inversely proportional to (amplituder 176) The diameter of human capillary is: A) 5 microns B) 6 microns C) 7 microns D) 8 microns 177) Organisms phenotypically similar but genotypically different are said to be: A) Monozygous B) Homozygous C) Heterozygous D) Multizygous 178) Which of the following can function as Lewis acid? A) CN B) NH) C)C113-0-Cli, D) 179) Conversion of alternating current into direct current is called: A) Rectification B) Amplification C) Oscillation D) Regeneration 180) Gibberellin was isolated from: A) An algae B) A fungus C) A bacterium I)) A virus 181) All amino acids found in proteins are: A) a-amino acids B81-amino acids C) Botha and ilD)None oftheabosc 182) Which of the following pairs have the Sank: unit. and dimensions? A) Resistance and resistivity B) Conductivity and resistivity C) Electromotive force and potential difference D) Resistivity and temperature coefficient of resistivity 183) Process of bone formation is called: A) Calcification B) Chondrification C) Decalcification D)OssifKation 184) Which is a tamer of ethyne? A) PVC B) Benzene C) Toluene D) Teflon 185) The activity of the radioactive material can be expressed in the units of: A) Curie B) Becquerel C) Testa D) Both A) and B) 186) Biecp muscle is attached to the humerus by: A) Tendon B) Ligaments C) Elastic fibers D) Arcolar 187) Which is NOT true about amino acids? A) They have two functional groups B) They show both acidic and basic characteristics C) They arc the basic units of proteins D) They do not exist in solid state 188) The work function of a metal is 6.63 eV. The threshold frequency of the metal is: A) 1.6 x 10″ liz B) 1.6 x 10″ Hz C) 6.63 x le Hz D) 1.6 x 1f f” Hz
189) Concentration of water molecules is inversely proportionsl to the: A) Water potential C) Solute potential
B) Pressure potential D) Osmotic potential
190) Which is the least polar molecule? A) liF B) HI C) HCI D)1113r 191) The birds sitting on an overhead transmission line suffer no harmful effects because: A) Their bodies have high resistance B) Their feet am good insulators C) There is negligible potential difference between their feet D) Wires arc insulated 192) They arrived at about mid night A) because their flight was detained. B) because their flight was delayed. C) because their flight was derailed. D) because their flight was diverted. 193) The target organ for vasopressin is: A) Man B) Liver C) Stomach D) Kidneys 194) Ketones are prepared by the oxidation with Na:Cr20, and 11;SO, of: A) Primary alcohol B)Secondaty alcohol C) Tertiary alcohol D)All of the above 195) The sinusoidal AC current in a circuit is 1 – 50 sin (20 t). The peak value of current is: A) 100 A B125 A C)50 A DI 20A 196) Thirst is controlled by: A) Pituitary gland B) Adrenal gland C) Parathyroid D) Thyroid 197) Which of the following is a condensation polymer? A) Nylon 6.6 B) Teflon C) Polypropylene 0) Orlon 198) Current in the semiconductors is caused by the movement of: A) Protons B) Electrons only C) Holes only D) Both electrons and holes 199) Auxins inhibit the growth of: A) Apical buds B) Lateral buds C) Parthenocarpy D) Root growth 200) Which of the following statement is NOT true? A) Natural rubber is hydrocarbon B) Natural rubber is isoprene C) Natural rubber is polymer of 1.3 Butadiene D) Natural rubber can be voleanized.


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