Past Papers

  1. Computer Science Past Papers 
  2. Electrical Engineering Past Papers 
  3. English Past Papers 
  4. Economics Past Papers
  5. Statistics Past Papers
  6. Management Sciences Past Papers 
  7. Biology Past Papers 
  8. Math Past Papers 
  9. Mass Com & Journalism Past Papers
  10. Chemistry Past Papers
  11. Psychology Past Papers 
  12. Physics Past Papers 
  13. Research Methods Past Papers 
  14. Physical Health & Fitness Past Papers 
  15. Fine Arts Past Papers 
  16. Education Past Papers 

Languages Past Papers 

  1. Chinese Language Past Papers
  2. French Language Past Papers

Mechanical Engineering Past Papers 

  1. Applied Mechanics Universities Past Papers
  2. Communication Skills past papers
  3. Past Papers Basic Mechanical Technology
  4. Past Papers Bio Mechanics

Electronics Engineering Past Papers 

  1. Advanced Electronics Universities Past Paper
  2. Advance Signaling System Universities Past Paper
  3. Communication Skills past papers
  4. Past Papers Broadcast Media
  5. Past Papers Circuit Analysis
  6. Basic Electronics Past Papers 

Agriculture Past Papers 

  1. Agriculture in Pakistan Past Papers
  2. Communication Skills past papers
  3. Past Papers Chemical Plant Design
  4. Past Papers Chemical Process Heat Transfer

History of Pakistan Past Papers

  1. Women’s History in Pakistan Past Papers 
  2. Pakistani Literature Past Papers

Library Sciences Past Papers 

  1. Applied Cataloguing Past Papers
  2. Applied Classification Past Papers
  3. Applied Classification Past Papers 2
  4. Past Papers Archives and Record Management
  5. Communication Skills past papers
  6. Past Papers Bibliographic Control

Geography Past Papers 

  1. Introduction to Geography Past Papers 
  2. Zoogeography Past Papers

Law Past Papers 

  1. Constitutional Law of Pakistan’s past papers
  2. Past Papers Constitutional Law of Pakistan

  3. English Jurisprudence Past Papers
  4. Islamic Jurisprudence Past Papers
  5. Law of Contract Past Papers
  6. Past Papers Criminal Law of Pakistan
  7. Past Papers Equity in Law
  8. Past Papers Law of Torts and Easement
  9.   Labor and Taxation Laws Past Papers
  10. Law of Civil Procedure Past Papers 
  11. Past Papers Criminal Procedure Code and Medical Jurisprudence 
  12. Administrative Law Past Papers 
  13.  Law of Evidence and Legal Ethics Past Papers 
  14. Law of Transfer of Property Past Papers
  15. Legal Drafting & Interpretation of Statutes Past Papers 
  16. Mercantile Law Past Papers 
  17. Minor Acts Past Papers 
  18. Muslim Personal Law Past Papers 
  19. Public International Law Past Papers 
  20. Special and Local Laws Past Papers 
  21. Introduction to Philosophy of Law Past Papers
  22. Introduction to Legal Systems Past Papers 
  23. Sociology-I Past Papers
  24. IT Skills Past Papers
  25. Sociology-II Past Papers
  26. Income Tax Law Past Papers
  27. Criminology Past Papers

Islamic studies’ past papers

  1. Method of Teaching Islamic Studies Past Papers 
  2. Hadith Past Papers
  3. History of Islam Past Papers
  4. Islamic History Past Papers
  5. Contemporary Muslim World Past Papers 
  6. Important Questions for 10th Class Islamiat

Economics Past Papers

  1. Fundamentals of Economics Past Papers
  2. Principles of Micro Economics Past Papers
  3. Principle of Macro Economics Past Papers 



General Science Past Papers

Technical & Business Writing Past Papers

A common subject for each degree

  1. IT Skills Past Papers
  2. Computer Introductions and Applications – Past Papers
  3. Computer Applications in Business Past Papers r
  4. Computer 1 Past Papers

Pak Studies Past Papers

  1. Pak Studies Past Papers
  2. Pakistan Studies Past Papers
  3. Women’s History in Pakistan Past Papers
  4. Political Science of Pakistan Past Papers
  5. Pakistan Movement Past Papers
  6. Pedagogy in Pak Studies Past Papers
  7. Governance & Social Policy of Pakistan Past Papers
  8. Public Relations of Pakistan Past Papers
  9. Regional Organizations of Pakistan Past Papers
  10. Important Questions for 10th Pak Studies

International Relations of Pakistan Past Papers

  1. International Relations Past Papers
  2. National and International Affairs of Pakistan Past Papers
  3. Analysis of Foreign Policy of Pakistan Past Papers
  4. Foreign Policy of Pakistan Past Papers
  5. Foreign Policies of USA and UK Past Papers

Political Science Past Papers

  1. Political Science Past Papers
  2. Political Science of Pakistan Past Papers
  3. Political Systems Past Papers
  4. Introduction to Political Science of Pakistan Past Papers
  5. Diplomacy Past Papers
  6. Political Ideologies Past Papers
  7. Public International Law Past Papers

Philosophy Past Papers

  1. Introduction to Philosophy Past Papers
  2. Philosophy of Education Past Papers


  1. Airport and Railways Engineering Universities Past Paper
  2. Past Papers Architecture and Town Planning
  3. Past Papers Collection Development
  4. ETEA Past Papers
  5. Crisis Management Past Papers
  6. Critical Logic Thinking Past Papers Exam Questions
  7. Logic and Critical Thinking Past Papers
  8. Design of Concrete Structure Past Papers Exam Questions
  9. Engineering Geology Past Papers Exam Questions
  10. Fuels Combustion Past Papers Exam Questions
  11. Geography Past Papers Exam Questions
  12. Highway Transport Technology Questions Past Papers
  13. Hospital Management Questions Past Papers
  14. Civil Engineering Drawing Past Papers
  15. Computer Literacy Past Papers
  16. Gender Studies Past Papers
  17. International Relations Past Papers
  18. International Organizations Past Papers
  19. Introduction to Computers Past Papers
  20. Lisaniyaat Past Papers
  21. Format Logic Past Papers


PPSC Pakistan Past Papers

  2. Custom Inspector Test PPSC Past Papers Solved Answers
  3. PPSC Lecturer Paper Paper 2020 Solved
  4. PPSC Lecturer English Paper 2020  Solution
  5. PPSC Lecturer Test Merit list
  6. PPSC Past Papers of Biology Lecturer
  8. PPSC interview | committee | Questions | Duration | Research
  9. How PPSC calculate merit?
  11. Labour Inspector  PPSC Paper 2020 MCQs
  12. PPSC MCQs Past Papers 2020 ASSISTANT_FIELD Crop Reporter
  13. Naib Tehsildar and Tehsildar MCQs PPSC
  14. PPSC Lecturer Urdu 2022 Past Papers
  15. Veterinary Officer Past Papers – PPSC Pakistan
  16. Bio Medical Engineer Past Papers – PPSC Pakistan
Syllabus PPSC
  1. PPSC Pakistan – Syllabus Provincial Management Service
  2. Lecturer Syllabus – PPSC Pakistan
  3. Syllabus Assistant Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education Department – PPSC Pakistan
  4. Syllabus Assistant Professor Occupational Health – PPSC Pakistan
  5. PPSC Pakistan – Assistant Agricultural Engineer [Syllabus, MCQs, Book]
  6. Syllabus Litigation Officer – PPSC Pakistan 
  7.  Syllabus Psychologist – PPSC Pakistan
  8. Syllabus Deputy Director Architecture – PPSC Pakistan
  9. Syllabus Senior Scientist PPSC Pakistan 
  10. Principal Syllabus, MCQs, Best Book – PPSC Pakistan
  11. Scientific Officer Syllabus, MCQs, Best Book – PPSC Pakistan
  12. Tehsil Officer, Municipal Officer, DMO, Director Syllabus PPSC Pakistan
  13. Syllabus Tehsil Dar, Consolidation Officer, Hill Torrent Officer PPSC Pakistan 
  14. Syllabus Physiotherapist – PPSC Pakistan
  15. Syllabus Technologist (Audiology) – PPSC Pakistan
  16. Syllabus Deputy Director Monitoring, District Education Officer DEO – PPSC Pakistan
  17. Audiometrist Syllabus, PPSC Pakistan
  18. Senior Special Education Teacher Syllabus & MCQs Book PPSC Pakistan
  19. Computer Teacher Syllabus PPSC
  20. Computer Instructor [Syllabus & MCQs Book 2024] PPSC
  21. Junior Clerk Syllabus PPSC Pakistan

AJK PSC Azad Kashmir

  1. Program Officer Syllabus 2024
  2. Programmer, Software Engineer  Syllabus 2024
  3. Assistant Superintendent Jail Police Syllabus  MCQs [AJK PSC Kashmir] 2024
  4. Assistant Commissioner Syllabus  MCQs [AJK PSC Kashmir] 2024
  5. Section officer and Non-Technical General Cadre posts Syllabus MCQs [AJK PSC Kashmir] 2024
  6. Subject Specialist, Senior Teacher General 2024
  7. Secondary School Teacher Syllabus AJK PSC 2024
  8. Computer Instructor Syllabus 2024 AJK PSC
  9. Tehsil  Mufti | District Mufti Syllabus MCQs AJK PSC 2024
  10. Past Papers Assistant Commissioner/Section Officer AJK PSC Kashmir
  11. Head Clerk Syllabus AJK PSC Kashmir*
  12. Revenue Officer Syllabus AJK PSC Kashmir *
  13. Assistant Engineer Syllabus AJK PSC Kashmir *
  14. Radiologist Syllabus AJK PSC Kashmir *
  15. Anesthesiologist Syllabus AJK PSC Kashmir *
  16. Surgical Specialist Syllabus AJK PSC Kashmir *
  17. Medico-Legal Surgeon Syllabus AJK PSC *
  18. Medical Specialist Syllabus AJK PSC Kashmir *
  19. Cardiologist Syllabus AJK PSC Kashmir *
  20. Orthopedic Surgeons Syllabus AJK PSC Kashmir *
  21. Urologist Syllabus AJK PSC Kashmir *
  22. Nephrologist
  23. Child Specialist
  24. Psychiatrist
  25. Preventive Tech Care
  26. Civil Medical officer
  27. Dental Surgeon
  28. Librarian
  29. Instructor Livestock
  30. Instructor Horticulture
  31. Assistant
  32. Information Officer
  33. Physiotherapist
  34. Social Welfare Officer
  35. Assistant Director
  36. Environmental Assistant Director
  37. Assistant Game wardens
  38. Statistical Assistant
  39. Staff Nurses
  40. Assistant Director Tourism
  41. Assistant Officer Tourism
  1. Assistant Director Merit Competition, Total number of applicants -PPSC Pakistan 
  2. Statistical Mechanics Past Papers
  1. 3.5-year MBA after a Bachelor 14-year is equivalent to an MS/MPhil in Pakistan?
  2. Is MS equivalent to an MPhil in Pakistan?
  3. 1.5 years BEd (Hons) after 16 years degree equivalent to MA Education/MEd in Pakistan?
  4. Is an Associate Degree program (ADP) in Education equivalent to a BEd degree in Pakistan?
  5. Is a BBA degree equivalent to the old 16-year MBA program in Pakistan?
  6. Is a 4-year BS (Hons) degree obtained after 12 years of schooling equivalent to the old Master’s degree in Pakistan?
  7. Is an Associate Degree obtained after 12 years equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree of 14 years in Pakistan?
  1. FPSC Pakistan Past Papers
  2. FPSC Assistant Communication Security Officer Syllabus, Past Papers Solved
  3. Computer Operator FPSC Syllabus, Preparation and Past Papers.

  4. FPSC Computer Instructor Syllabus preparation

  5. FPSC Pakistan – Marks Distribution for an interview and MCQs Written test

  6. FPSC Appraising Valuation Officer MCQs and Past Papers

  7. FPSC Inspector Airport Security Force (ASF)
  8. CSS FPSC Pakistan Past Papers of Essay 2023

10th class

  1. Important Questions of Computer Science 10th Class
  2. Important questions for Class 10th Biology
  3. Important questions for Class 10th Chemistry
  4. Important Questions for 10th Class English
  5. Important Questions for 10th Class Islamiat
  6. Important Questions for 10th Pak Studies
  7. Important Questions for 10th Physics

9th class

  1. Chemistry Important Questions for 9th Class
  2. Computer Science Important Questions for 9th Class
  3. English 9th Class Important Questions
  4. Pak Studies 9th Class Important Questions
  5. Physics 9th Class Important Questions

KPPSC Past Papers

  1. KPPSC Tehsildar Naib Tehsildar MCQs 2020 Past Papers
  2. Assistant in S & GAD PPSC MCQs Past Papers 2020 test
  3. Pakistani Universities Past Papers
  4. MCQs Test of Tutor Instructor and Lecturer of VU Virtual University (Past Papers)
  5. Pakistan Army Past Papers
  7. Short Service Commission in Pakistan Navy | MCQs Preparation
  8. Pakistan PAF Past Papers
  10. ***********************************************************************************
  11. Electrical Engineering Past Papers 
  12. ***********************************************************************************
  13. Mechanical Engineering Past Papers
  14. Audiology and Audiometry Past Papers
  15. Assessment of Mentally Retarded Children Past Papers
  16. Basic Reference Service Past Papers
  17. Company Laws for Governance in Banks Past Papers Questions
  18. Community Interventions in Reproductive Health Past Papers
  19. Workshop Technology Past Papers
  20. Women Education Past Papers
  21. Values, Ethics, and Society Past Papers
  22. Training Development Past Papers
  23. Transmission Media Past Papers
  24. Telecom Switching Past Papers
  25. Teaching Strategies Past Papers
  26. Top 10 Educational Websites In Pakistan By Pakistani Bloggers

    BS honor 16 years education is equal to a master’s degree or not?

  27. PAF MCQs Preparation (Pakistan)One Eye sight less than 6/6 – PAF, Pakistan Navy ArmyMCQs Computer Operator – Atomic energy

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