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Linux File Permissions MCQs Questions Answers

Linux File Permissions MCQs Questions Answers

Let us see the Linux File Permissions MCQs Questions Answers.

1. the link counter of the file will increased by soft line .(T/F)
a) True
b) false
c) both a and b
d) none of these
e) all of the above
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Answer: b
2. which of the following occurs for ln command?
a) a file is created that is a copy of an existing file
b) a file is moved from one location to another
c) a file is renamed
d) that points to an existing file is created by a file
e)none of these
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Answer: d
3.Executable or binary files will be:
a) Device files
b) Regular files
c) Special files
d) Directory files
e)both a and b
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Answer: b
4. srwxr-xrw- is a
a) internet file
b) symbolic linked
c) shared file
d) unix domain socket file
e)both a and d
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Answer: d
5. The directory file have:
a) File names & File location
b) File names & Inode Numbers
c) File names & Permissions
d) File names & Address
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Answer: b
6.Directory have following device special files?
a) /etc
b) /etc/dev
c) /etc/bin
d) /dev
e) /root/bin
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Answer: d
7.On Linux which of the following is not a valid file type
a) Socket
c) Softlinked
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Answer: b
8. Which is not correct statement regarding file types?
a) Hard links share same inode number
b) Socket files are Unix domain sockets
c) Soft links cannot be created across partitions
d) Character file is a special file
e) none of these
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Answer: c
9. Device files have following two types?
a) Character & Block
b) Character & Socket
c) Block & FIFO
d) Input & output
e) both e and d
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Answer: a
10. Which is an example of Terminal?
a) Hard disk
c) character special file
d) Memory
e) RAM
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Answer: c
11. Which is an example for CD-ROM?
a) Virtual Terminal
b) block special file
c) Terminal
d) Serial modem
e) hard disk
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Answer: b
12. In which directory all device files are stored?
a) /usr
b) /bin
c) /dev
d) /etc
e) both a and c
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Answer: c
13. In Linux a user can upload
b) I/O Devices
c) Kernel Modules
d) File Base I/O
e) I/O Modules
Answer c
14. Interrupts in Linux is handle by following files
a)Access file
b)Control file
c)hard disk file
d)Proc interrupts file
e)Interrupts file
Answer d
15. The Linux file system is created by using the following command
a) fsck
b) mkfs
c) mount
d) both b and c
e) None of the mentioned
answer b
16. Kernal is—– of Linux operating system
a) core
b) Shell
c) Terminal
d) Command
e) none of these
17.Which of the following command is used for removing the files?
a) escape
b) rm
c) dm
d) erase
e) delete
answer b
18.The dictonery is removed by using which of the following command?
a) rdir
b) rd
c) rdr
d) rmdir
e) None of the above
answer d
19. Which of the following command is used to record session in Linux?
a) session
b) transcipt
c) script
d) both a and c
e) None of the above
answer c
20.Which of the following range of Linux system?
a) -20 ot 0
b) -20 to 0
c) -20 to 19
d) 0 to 19
e) 10 to 10
answer c

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