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Exercise on Context Free Grammer CFG

Solved Exercise on CFG with solution

  1. Intro to Context Free Grammar with 12 Examples
  2. CFG of Language of all even and odd length palindromes
  3. Context Free Grammar CFG for language of all even length strings
  4. CFG for the language of all non Palindromes
  5. CFG for strings with unequal numbers of a and b
  6. CFG of odd Length strings {w | the length of w is odd}
  7. CFG of Language contains at least three 1’s or three a’s {w | w contains at least three 1’s}
  8. CFG for the language L = 0n1n where n>=1
  9. CFG for the language L = 0n12n where n>=1
  10. Write a CFG for the language L = 0n14n where n>=1
  11. CFG for {ab an+1 | n >=0}
  12. CFG for {ab an+2 | n >=0}
  13. CFG for {ab an+3 | n >=0}
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