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Bad Usability examples in Software and Websites

Bad Usability examples in Software and Websites.

  1. Asking to subscribe to send Newsletter

Mostly websites ask you to subscribe for the newsletter.  This is a very useful feature of a website but most of the users feel irritation. 

  1. Unsubscribe difficulties

 Suppose a user is subscribed with your website. In the future if the subscriber wants to unsubscribe then mostly it seems that unsubscribe option is available but hidden  inside other options. 

  1. An online form to force the user in such a way that mistakenly buy some unwanted items.

Sometimes website designers designs thewebsites in such a way that if users select an item for review then it’s a chance that mistakenly he/she  buy the item. 

  1. Using too much images without need

It is a fact that images plays a very important role  in content creation. But Some websites use images without the actual requirement of the image. So it is recommended that use images only when images are important and have some meanings in the content.

  1. Asking user to click for Further more readings

User wants to read from your website but after reading a single statement, you ask the user to click on the read more link for reading in more detail. This process can increase your page views but actually it irritates the Reader.

  1. Bad use of colors

And you know that each colour has special meaning so always use colours according to the requirements. For example if we want to develop an interface for children and we are using the light colours then it is a bed usability example because children likes dark colours.

  1. Small font size

Some software and web sites have font size of less than 12 pixel.  This is also a better visibility example.  Always try to use the font size in such a way that the Reader can read it easily.

  1. Ambiguous interface

 Some interfaces are very Ambiguous interfaces.   The end user try to search for a module of a software but it is hidden in other modules.

  1. Too much advertisements on page

You can use advertisement in a small amount but if you use it excessively then of course it is a bedrooms ability example. Some websites are full of advertisements.  It is a fact that advertisement is the only source of some websites for their earning.  you can use the advertisement in a small amount but if you use it excessively then of course it is a bed usability example.

  1. Slow loading

If you are website is loading slowly on the computer of end user then it means that you are end user can leave our website

  1. Heavy in size and occupy more space on storage devices

Your software code is not fully optimized and it occupies a big space on the hard disc of the end user computer,  then it’s a chance that the software will work slowly .

  1. Difficult to search for different modules on the screen

Each function or module of the software must be visible with a single eye. If it’s difficult to find the module, then it means that it is a bad usability example.

  1. Less use of headings

The reader of the content love the headings.  If you are using more text in your content but the headings are less,  then it’s a big chance that the reader can skip the article.

  1. Writing extra large paragraphs

It is not recommended to use very big paragraphs. You can try to use a suitable amount of words in a paragraph and if your story is bigger than you can use more paragraphs.

  1. Too much focus on technology

“Light kite fly high on the sky”:  it is a very interesting quotation and you also need to to use only compulsory technologies in your interfaces and try to avoid the extra Technologies.  For example in the case of website development you can use simple HTML CSS and try to ignore the flash effects.

  1. Content and interface is not focusing on intent of customer

You are interface and contact must follow the intent of the customer.  you need to  visualisethe content for your end user


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