What is research? research methodology

What is research? 

Any kind of scientific investigation or scholarly investigation is called research. The basic purpose of the research is to find the answers to unknown problems and questions.

Successful research always contributes to the existing literature.

What is the purpose of the research? 

  • Investigating some existing problem
    • For example, “research to increase internet speed”.
  • Investigating something new
    • For example, “For example, Developing a new currency that will be better than Bitcoins?”.
  • Provide solutions to a problem
    • For example, “Proving an interface model that can attract more users to utilize more watch time on website pages”.
  • Exploring  and analyzing the general issues
    • For example, “Proving an algorithm for search that will search the data more quickly as compared to other search algorithms”.
  • Explaining a phenomenon
    • For example, “database normalization role in quick data access from a database.”
  • Denying a phenomenon
    • For example, “Introducing an automatic machine, that is more powerful than a Turing machine.”
  • Constructing a new procedure
    • For example, “Introducing a new data structure, that is more efficient than the stack, link list, array, and tree, etc.”
  • Constructing a new system
    • For example, “Introducing a new operating system for PC that is more powerful than windows.”
  • Enhancing the existing knowledge etc
    • For example, “Introducing a new image optimization methodology.”

All of these together or partially together or some other kind of purpose can be possible for research.

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