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Remote Network Authorization and monitoring system Project SRS- Document

Remote Network Authorization and monitoring system Project SRS- Document

Project Domain / Category:

Networking/ Desktop application


Today with the evolution of the Internet the systems have become more advanced, old manual activities have revolutionized with the advanced automatic techniques. Remote network authority, monitoring, and control management system is designed to reduce the manual interaction with the client/users to authenticate access, session management of multiple users on different PCs in a client-server environment, like multiple stories Internet cafes, shopping malls, etc.

The aim of the project is to properly monitor the user’s session, billing, and termination in an autonomous way. The client will log in to the PC with login credentials.

At the start of the session, the user will have to give information about the time duration to use the system using the GUI interface of the proposed application. This information will be displayed at the server side for administrator information. Illegal activities like proxy breaching attempts will automatically generate a warning alert.

Functional Requirement

The proposed application will have two modules i.e. Admin Module & User Module.

Admin Module

The admin module will have the dashboard showing the status of every PC on the network, start time, Duration.

USER Module

The user will access the system using valid login credentials. The user will select the time frame during which he/she will use the system. The user can extend the session when needed.


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