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Numerical Analysis Research Topics | Thesis

Research Area/ Research Interest: Numerical Analysis

Research Paper Topics for Masters and Ph.D. Thesis and publication

  1. Generalizations about numeral systems
  2.  Numeral classifier systems : The case of Japanese
  3. Horses (Equus caballus) select the greater of two quantities in small Numerical contrasts
  4. Numerical competence in young children and in children with mathematics learning disabilities
  5.  Introduction to Numerical analysis
  6.  An introduction to Numerical analysis
  7. The development of Numerical classification and ordination
  8. geometry  A supplement to the Anophelinae of Africa South of the Sahara
  9. Open questions and a proposal: A critical review of the evidence on infant Numerical abilities
  10. Spontaneous versus trained Numerical abilities. A com
  11. Bootstrapping in a language of thought: A formal model of Numerical concept learning
  12. geometry  Web-based Yoruba numeral ranslation system
  13. One, two, three, four, or is there something more? Numerical discrimination in day-old domestic chicks
  14.  Inter-specific differences in Numerical abilities among teleost fish
  15. geometry  Origins of Numerical knowledge
  16. Size perception and the foundation of Numerical processing
  17. Numerical air quality forecasting over eastern China: An operational application of WRF-Chem
  18. An upwind differencing scheme for the incompressible Navier–Strokes equations
  19.  Two systems of non-symbolic Numerical cognition
  20. A stochastic model for studying the properties of certain biological systems by Numerical methods
  21.  Numerical analysis: a mathematical introduction
  22.  Ontogeny of Numerical abilities in fish
  23. Numbers and Numerical concepts in primitive peoples.
  24. A Numerical Scale to Classify Reactions of Barley to Pyrenophora Teres
  25.  Individual differences in non-symbolic Numerical abilities predict mathematical achievements but contradict ATOM
  26. Numerical modelling of discontinua
  27.  Numerical methods for ordinary differential systems
  28. Director configuration and dynamics of a nematic liquid crystal around a two-dimensional spherical particle: Numerical analysis using adaptive grids
  29. Infants possess a system of Numerical knowledge
  30. geometry  Set oriented Numerical methods for dynamical systems
  31.  Elementary Numerical analysis
  32.  Practical Numerical algorithms for chaotic systems
  33.  Numerical computation 1: methods, software, and analysis
  34. geometry  Numerical methods for dynamical systems
  35.  Linear systems : A state variable approach with Numerical implementation
  36. Chemical equilibrium systems as Numerical test problems
  37. Numerical studies of localization in disordered systems
  38. Numerical integration for polyatomic systems
  39.  Numerical methods for linear control systems
  40. Numerical identification of linear dynamic systems from normal operating records
  41. Practical Numerical algorithms why laplace transforms are difficult to invert Numerical ly
  42. The development of Numerical credit evaluation systems
  43. The algorithms behind GAIO—Set oriented Numerical methods for dynamical systems
  44.  The Numerical solution of systems of polynomials arising in engineering and science
  45.  Analysis of Numerical methods
  46.  Principles of Numerical analysis
  47. The importance of magnitude information in Numerical processing: Evidence from the SNARC effect
  48.  Stochastic dynamical systems : concepts, Numerical methods, data analysis
  49.  Numerical algorithms with C
  50. Numerical techniques for multi-scale dynamical systems with stochastic effects
  51.  Theoretical Numerical analysis
  52. Numerical simulation of vowel quality systems : The role of perceptual contrast
  53.  Applied Numerical analysis
  54.  Finite size scaling and Numerical simulation of statistical systems
  55. The Numerical computation of connecting orbits in dynamical systems
  56.  Introduction to Numerical analysis
  57. A Numerical approach to ergodic problem of dissipative dynamical systems
  58.  Various vertical coordinate systems used for Numerical weather prediction
  59. The vibrational properties of disordered systems : Numerical studies
  60.  Numerical mathematics
  61.  Mathematical aspects of Numerical solution of hyperbolic systems
  62. The Numerical propulsion systems imulation: An overview
  63.  Numerical integration on advanced computer systems
  64. Stable Numerical algorithms for equilibrium systems
  65. Numerical propulsion systems imulation
  66. Numerical coupling models for complex systems and results
  67.  Numerical approximation of hyperbolic systems of conservation laws
  68. Characterization of chaotic quantum spectra and universality of level fluctuation laws
  69. Numerical index of the discriminatory ability of typing systems : an application of Simpson’s index of diversity
  70. Numerical solution of the dynamic equation for particulate systems
  71.  Numerical methods for non smooth dynamical systems : applications in mechanics and electronics
  72.  Numerical continuation methods for dynamical systems
  73. The Numerical results of diverse systems of breeding
  74. A computer system for the Numerical analysis of non stress tests
  75. A survey of methods available for the Numerical optimization of continuous dynamic systems
  76.  Numerical experiments on the stability of spherical stellar systems
  77. geometry  Numerical prediction of two fluid systems with sharp interfaces
  78. Evolution of stress and fault patterns in oblique rift systems : 3-D Numerical lithospheric-scale experiments from rift to breakup
  79.  Numerical data fitting in dynamical systems : a practical introduction with applications and software
  80. Neural signatures of number processing in human infants: evidence for two core systems underlying Numerical cognition
  81. Numerical methods for modeling water quality in distribution systems : A comparison
  82. Semi-coupled air/water immersed boundary approach for curvilinear dynamic overset grids with application to ship hydrodynamics
  83. Extremal systems of points and Numerical integration on the sphere
  84. Optimal network reconfigurations in distribution system
  85. Geometric Numerical integration
  86. Numerical simulations of fractional systems : an overview of existing methods and improvements
  87.  Numerical modeling of fractional-order biological systems
  88. Numerical method for computing equilibriums in aqueous chemical systems
  89. Numerical grid generation; Proceedings of the Symposium on Numerical Generation of Curvilinear Coordinate Systems and Their Use in the Numerical Solution of …
  90. The development of ordinal Numerical knowledge in infancy
  91. Numerical studies of gas production from several CH4 hydrate zones at the Mallik site, Mackenzie Delta, Canada
  92. A multi physical ensemble system of Numerical snow modelling
  93. Comparing Numerical methods for stiff systems of ODE: s
  94. Optimal control of quantum-mechanical systems : Existence, Numerical approximation, and applications
  95. The role of materiality in Numerical cognition
  96. Suppression of Numerical oscillations in the EMTP power systems
  97. Numerical solution of spectral stochastic finite element systems
  98. Numerical renormalization group method for quantum impurity systems
  99. A simple and precise classification for cleft lip and palate: a five-digit Numerical recording system
  100. geometry  Indices for prevalence and incidence of periodontal disease
  101. Numerical models for the simulation of the fractional-order control systems
  102. OpenSMOKE++: An object-oriented framework for the Numerical modeling of reactive systems with detailed kinetic mechanisms
  103.  The Numerical solution of differential-algebraic systems by Runge-Kutta methods
  104. Numerical studies on performance evaluation of tunnel ventilation safety systems
  105. Efficient Numerical treatment of periodic systems with application to stability problems
  106. Beyond HyTech: Hybrid Systems Analysis Using Interval Numerical Methods
  107.  Uncertainty and vagueness in knowledge based systems : Numerical methods
  108. Sign problem in the Numerical simulation of many-electron systems
  109.  Geometric, control and Numerical aspects of nonholonomic systems
  110. Mathematical modelling and Numerical simulation of the cardiovascular system
  111. Boundary-fitted coordinate systems for Numerical solution of partial differential equations—a review
  112. The Whorfian hypothesis and Numerical cognition: istwenty-four’processed in the same way asfour-and-twenty’?
  113. Numerical methods for nano photonics: standard problems and future challenges
  114. Numerical identifications of parameters in parabolic systems
  115. Numerical solution of boundary-value problems for systems of linear ordinary differential equations
  116. Conductivity of quasi periodic systems : A Numerical study
  117. Non autonomous systems , co-cycle attractors and variable time-step discretization
  118.  An introduction to Numerical methods and analysis
  119. Numerical and experimental analysis of different ventilation systems in deep mines
  120. Towards a general Numerical scheme for solidification systems
  121. Numerical methods and software for sensitivity analysis of differential-algebraic systems
  122. Nonlinear behavior of a typical airfoil section with control surface free play: a Numerical and experimental study
  123. Numerical prediction of convectively driven mesoscale pressure systems . Part I: Convective parameterization
  124. Some Numerical aspects of center of area defuzzification method
  125. Numerical development
  126. A Numerical experiment on the chaotic behaviour of the solar system
  127. Numerical methods for non conservative hyperbolic systems : a theoretical framework.
  128. Numerical simulation of magmatic hydrothermal systems
  129. High order A-stable methods for the Numerical solution of systems of DE’s
  130. Numerical methods for gas dynamic systems on unstructured meshes
  131. A comparison of model reduction techniques from structural dynamics, Numerical mathematics and systems and control
  132. Direct Numerical simulations of fluid–solid systems using the arbitrary Lagrangian–Eulerian technique
  133. Core systems of number
  134. Stability and Lyapunov stability of dynamical systems : A differential approach and a Numerical method
  135.  Efficient Numerical methods and information-processing techniques for modeling hydro-and environmental systems
  136. Modeling multibody systems with uncertainties. Part II: Numerical applications
  137. The potentials of infinite systems of sources and Numerical solutions of problems in semiconductor engineering
  138. A Numerical scheme for dynamic systems containing fractional derivatives
  139. On the Numerical integration of ordinary differential equations by symmetric composition methods
  140. New Proposal for Numerical Simulations of -Vacuum-like Systems
  141. A framework for evaluating regional-scale Numerical photochemical modeling systems
  142. Field test of a modified Numerical model for water uptake by root systems
  143. On the Numerical solution of the Fokker-Planck equation for nonlinear stochastic systems
  144. Numerical simulation of nonlinear Schrödinger systems : a new conservative scheme
  145. Numerical integration of the cartesian equations of motion of a system with constraints: molecular dynamics of n-alkanes
  146.  Numerical computation in science and engineering
  147. Numerical methods for stochastic systems preserving symplectic structure
  148. Automatic Numerical generation of body-fitted curvilinear coordinate system for field containing any number of arbitrary two-dimensional bodies
  149. The Parma Polyhedra Library: Toward a complete set of Numerical abstractions for the analysis and verification of hardware and software systems
  150. The growth of root systems —a Numerical computer simulation model
  151. Analysis of descriptor systems using Numerical algorithms
  152. Analysis of Numerical methods for computer simulation of kinetic processes: development of KINSIM—a flexible, portable system
  153. A Numerical algorithm for stability testing of fractional delay systems
  154. A Numerical method to study the dynamics of capillary fluid systems
  155. The chaotic motion of the solar system: A Numerical estimate of the size of the chaotic zones
  156.  Estimating the error of Numerical solutions of systems of reaction-diffusion equations
  157. A two-dimensional Numerical study of spatial pattern formation in interacting Turing systems
  158. Comparison and implementation of the various Numerical methods used for calculating transmission loss in silencer systems
  159. Hydroacoustic modelling and Numerical simulation of unsteady operation of hydroelectric systems
  160. Numerical path integral techniques for long time dynamics of quantum dissipative systems
  161. The Numerical viscosity of entropy stable schemes for systems of conservation laws. I
  162. Violation of the fluctuation–dissipation theorem in glassy systems : basic notions and the Numerical evidence
  163. Numerical integration approach to on-line identification
  164. Numerical uncertainty management in user and student modeling: An overview of systems and issues
  165. Applications of magneto hydrodynamics in biological systems -a review on the Numerical studies
  166.  Numerical methods for controlled stochastic delay systems
  167. Symplectic Numerical integrators in constrained Hamiltonian systems
  168. A graph-theoretic study of the Numerical solution of sparse positive definite systems  of linear equations
  169. Numerical methods for fuzzy system of linear equations
  170. Numerical investigation of residual stress fields and crack behavior in TBC systems
  171. Conserving approximations for strongly fluctuating electron systems . II. Numerical results and parquet extension
  172. Comparing Numerical methods for the solutions of systems  of ordinary differential equations
  173.  Numerical linear algebra and optimization
  174.  Control perspectives on Numerical algorithms and matrix problems
  175. Language and the origin of Numerical concepts
  176. Numerical simulation of current-voltage characteristics of photovoltaic systems with shaded solar cells
  177. Numerical solution of systems of second-order boundary value problems using continuous genetic algorithm
  178. Formulation and application of a Numerical scoring systemfor assessing histological activity in asymptomatic chronic active hepatitis
  179. Numerical analysis of composite systems by using interphase/interface models
  180. Analytical and Numerical investigation of the solar chimney power plant systems
  181. Numerical ordering ability mediates the relation between number-sense and arithmetic competence
  182. On the bogussing of tropical cyclones in Numerical models: A comparison of vortex profiles
  183. Verification, validation, and confirmation of Numerical models in the earth sciences
  184.  Numerical methods in computational electrodynamics: linear systems in practical applications
  185. Building and understanding adaptive systems : A statistical/Numerical approach to factory automation and brain research
  186. Experimental and Numerical evidence for riddled basins in coupled chaotic systems
  187. A Numerical solution to seepage problems with complex drainage systems
  188. Numerical modelling in wave energy conversion systems
  189. The role of inheritance in structuring hyperextended rift systems : Some considerations based on observations and Numerical modeling
  190. geometry  A general scheme for calculating switching-and conduction-losses of power semiconductors in Numerical circuit simulations of power electronic systems
  191. Numerical simulation and experimental analysis of gas/solid flow systems : 1999 Fluor-Daniel Plenary lecture
  192. geometry  MEGAFLOW-A Numerical flow simulation system
  193.  The Numerical solution of linear multi-term fractional differential equations: systems of equations
  194. On the role of disks in the formation of stellar systems : a Numerical parameter study of rapid accretion
  195. Numerical simulation of finite dimensional multibody non smooth mechanical systems
  196. A Numerical study of the dynamics and statistics of single electron systems
  197. Numerical analysis
  198. Analytical-Numerical methods for investigation of hidden oscillations in nonlinear control systems
  199. Numerical investigation of solar system equipped with innovative turbulator and hybrid nanofluid
  200. Numerical investigation of the effect of inlet flow distortions on forced draught air-cooled heat exchanger performance
  201. Numerical solution of multivariate polynomial systems
  202. Numerical simulation of the solar chimney power plant systems coupled with turbine
  203. The law of anomalous numbers
  204.  Numerical hamiltonian problems
  205. Numerical solutions for systems of fractional differential equations by the decomposition method
  206. Permeabilities, interfacial areas and curvatures of partially molten systems : results of Numerical computations of equilibrium microstructures
  207. geometry  Numerical simulation of flow and chemical transport in integrated surface-subsurface hydrologic systems
  208. Analytical-Numerical method for attractor localization of generalized Chua’s system
  209. geometry  Numerical calculation of Lyapunov exponents
  210. The role of the convective “trigger function” in Numerical forecasts of mesoscale convective systems
  211. Numerical solution of large, sparse linear algebraic sy
  212. Numerical continuation methods for solving polynomial systems arising in kinematics
  213. Improved near surface wind speed predictions using Gaussian process regression combined with Numerical weather predictions and observed meteorological data
  214. The cardiovascular system: mathematical modelling, Numerical algorithms and clinical applications
  215. Real-time dynamics in quantum-impurity systems : A time-dependent Numerical renormalization-group approach
  216. Numerical simulation of a variable speed refrigeration system
  217. Numerical study on hybrid heat pump systems in existing buildings
  218. Comparison of Numerical and experimental analyses for optimizing the geometry of OWC systems
  219. Efficient and safe global constraints for handling Numerical constraint systems
  220. A Verification Toolkit for Numerical Transition Systems : Tool Paper
  221.  Theoretical Numerical analysis
  222. Direct Numerical simulation of flow and heat transfer in dense fluid–particle systems
  223. Numerical simulations of interactions among aerodynamics, structural dynamics, and control systems
  224.  The issue of Numerical uncertainty
  225. Numerical integration of non-linear elastic multi-body systems
  226. Fundamental problems in Numerical taxonomy
  227. Modelling and Numerical calculation of dilute-phase pneumatic conveying in pipe systems
  228. On the Numerical simulation of buoyant convection
  229. geometry  Numerical solution of systems of nonlinear equations
  230. Formulation and preparation for Numerical evaluation of linear complementarity systems in dynamics
  231. Julia: A fresh approach to Numerical computing
  232. Numerical analysis of bodyworn UHF antenna systems
  233. A modular Numerical method for implicit 0D/3D coupling in cardiovascular finite element simulations
  234. Development and study on architecture of open Numerical control systems tructure
  235. Adjoint sensitivity analysis for differential-algebraic equations: The adjoint DAE systemand its Numerical solution
  236. Adaptive Numerical treatment of elliptic systems on manifolds
  237. The development of Numerical estimation: Evidence for multiple representations of Numerical quantity
  238. Boiling, cooling, and oxidation in epithermal systems : a Numerical modeling approach
  239.  Numerical algorithms: methods for computer vision, machine learning, and graphics
  240. Numerical analysis of(s, S) inventory systems with repeated attempts
  241.  Numerical lysolving polynomial systems with Bertini
  242. Analysis of the linear methods for determining copolymerization reactivity ratios. I. A new improved linear graphic method
  243. Impasse points. Part I: Numerical aspects
  244. A review on experience feedback and Numerical modeling of packed-bed thermal energy storage systems
  245.  Numerical linear algebra and applications
  246. On the Numerical solution of ill-conditioned linear systems with applications to ill-posed problems
  247. Numerical competence in animals, with an insight from ants
  248. The Numerical stability of the Levinson-Durbin algorithm for Toeplitz systems of equations
  249.  The effect of market confidence on a financial systemfrom the perspective of fractional calculus: Numerical investigation and circuit realization
  250.  Numerical methods
  251. A three-dimensional Numerical model of thermoelectric generators in fluid power systems
  252. Can we trust in Numerical computations of chaotic solutions of dynamical systems ?
  253. Adaptive bias correction for satellite data in a Numerical weather prediction system
  254. Numerical methods in vehicle system dynamics: state of the art and current developments
  255. A Numerical study of microscale flow behavior in tight gas and shale gas reservoir systems
  256. Membrane computing and economics: Numerical P systems
  257. A Numerical model for the cyclic instability of thermally grown oxides in thermal barrier systems
  258. Numerical experiments in spiral structure
  259. Voltage drop in mesoscopic systems : A Numerical study using a quantum kinetic equation
  260. Numerical simulations of a cylinder wake under a strong axial magnetic field
  261. A method for the Numerical calculation of hydrodynamic shocks
  262.  Numerical matrix analysis: Linear systems and least squares
  263. Numerical prediction of sound transmission through finite multilayer systems with poroelastic materials
  264. Analytical and Numerical studies of noise-induced synchronization of chaotic systems
  265. Applications of estimation theory to Numerical weather prediction
  266. MATCONT: a MATLAB package for Numerical bifurcation analysis of ODEs
  267. A comprehensive survey of the analytical, Numerical and experimental methodologies for dynamics of multibody mechanical systems with clearance or imperfect joints
  268.  Numerical methods
  269. Numerical simulation of flexible rockfall protection systems
  270. geometry  The Advanced Regional Prediction System(ARPS), storm-scale Numerical weather prediction and data assimilation
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