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Which of the following is the first charter of human’s rights?

Question:  Which of the following is the first charter of human’s rights?

A  Bill of rights

B  Constitution of media

C   The Cyrus cylinder

D  None of the above

Answer:  The Cyrus cylinder



Aspect       Description
Name of Document Cyrus Cylinder
Current Location British Museum, London
Date and Origin 6th century BCE, Ancient Persia (modern-day Iran)
Historical Context Reign of Cyrus the Great; conquest of Babylon
Key Provisions ·        Promotes religious tolerance.

·        Allows exiled people to return to their homes.

·        Encourages humane treatment of conquered peoples.

Significance ·        One of the earliest known decrees emphasizing human rights-like principles.

·        Demonstrates a commitment to freedom of worship and fair treatment of subjects.

·        A precursor to modern human rights concepts, though not as comprehensive as later declarations.

Modern Recognition While not considered a modern “charter of human rights,” it is often cited as an early example of benevolent governance and principles related to human rights.
Historical Significance ·        Reflects the governance philosophy of Cyrus the Great, known for his relatively enlightened rule.

·        Provides insights into ancient Persian politics and culture.

Comparison to Modern Charters ·        Less comprehensive than modern human rights declarations.

·        Focuses primarily on religious tolerance and treatment of conquered peoples.

·        Lacks detailed and specific rights found in modern human rights documents.



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