Which of the following is not an email program?

(A). Lotus CC
(B). Microsoft Outlook
(C). Eudora
(D). Google Chrome / Firefox
(MCQs)Correct Answer: (D). Google Chrome / Firefox

The email program is software used to send and receive e-mail. The email program is also known as an e-mail client.

Which of the following is an email program/email client?

(A). Lotus CC
(B). Eudora
(C). Eudora
(D). Hotmail
(MCQs)Correct Answer: (D). Google Chrome / Firefox

Examples of email programs and their developers

Email program Developers
Thunderbird Mozilla Foundation
Gmail Google
Outlook Microsoft
Hotmail Microsoft
Outlook Express Microsoft
Eudora Qualcomm
Opera Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner · Geir Ivarsoy
Yahoo! Mail Yahoo Inc.
Mulberry Cyrus Daboo


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