Which enzyme breaks down protein in the stomach?

Q: Which enzyme breaks down protein in the stomach?


  • Pepsin is an enzyme which breaks down protein in the stomach.
  • It is produced and secreted by the chief cells in the stomach lining as an inactive form called pepsinogen.
  • Pepsinogen is activated by the low PH of about 1.5-2.0, to its active form,
  • Pepsin primarily acts on proteins and peptides which are rich in amino acids For example, phenylalanine and tyrosine.
Enzyme Pepsin
Location Stomach
Function Breaks down proteins into smaller peptide fragments
Optimal pH Around pH 1.5-2.0 (acidic environment of the stomach)
Optimal Temperature Around 37°C (body temperature)
Products Smaller peptide fragments
Significance Essential for protein digestion in the stomach
Associated Organs Stomach
Other Actions Activates other pepsinogen molecules and contributes to the autocatalytic process
Deficiency Pepsin deficiency is rare, but it can lead to impaired protein digestion and malabsorption

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