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Theory of Automata Video Lectures in Hindi – Urdu

Theory of Automata Video Lectures in Hindi – Urdu

This is a free video-based course on Theory of Automata. If you feel any kind of difficulty regarding this topic, then you can join our Facebook GroupGoogle Plus, and Facebook Page for discussion.

1Regular Expressions Basic ConceptsWatch Now
2Regular expression for odd length stringsWatch Now
3Regular expression for  starting with aa, and  ending  with baWatch Now
Regular Expression for starting with aWatch Now
5 Regular Expression in AutomataWatch Now
6 Finite automata (FA) for starting or ending with bWatch Now
7NFSA Nondeterministic finite state automataWatch Now
Finite State Automata (FA, FSA, DFSA ) Watch Now
9Pushdown automata (PDA ) of equal a and bWatch Now
10A Turing machine of an equal number of a and bWatch Now
11A Turing Machine to decrement a numberWatch Now
12A Turing machine of Addition of two binary numbersWatch Now
13Turing machine to increment a numberWatch Now

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Theory of Automata Video Lectures in Hindi – Urdu.

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