Reproduction MCQs

By Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil
Last modified on April 28th, 2022

The place where the fertilization of ova occurs in human is
(A). Fallopian tube
(B). Vagina
(C). ovary
(D). Uterus
MCQ ANSWER: Fallopian tube
The eggs are ____ In human beings.
(A). microlecithal
(B). alecithal
(C). mesolecithal
(D). macrolecithal
MCQ ANSWER: alecithal

_____ produce a chemical substance called Fertilizin.
(A). Polar bodies
(B). acrosome
(C). Mature eggs
(D). Middle piece of sperm
MCQ ANSWER: Mature eggs
Changing the hollow spherical blastula into a _____ is a morphogenetic movement.
(A). Embryonic disc
(B). Neurula
(C). Morula
(D). Gastrula
MCQ ANSWER: Gastrula
____ determine urn Genetic identity of a human male.
(A). Autosomes
(B). Sex chromosomes
(C). Cell organelles
(D). Nucleolus
MCQ ANSWER: Sex chromosomes
Among the following, choose what kind of placenta is present in humans.
(A). Epitheliochorial
(B). Endothelial
(C). Haemochorial
(D). Syndesmochorial
MCQ ANSWER: Haemochorial
The day on which Implanation of blastocyst takes place is.
(A). 7th day
(B). 8th day
(C). 9th day
(D). 10th day
MCQ ANSWER: 7th day
Choose from the following the cells secreting male sex hormone testosterone.
(A). Leydig’s cells
(B). Crypt cells
(C). Lieberkiihn
(D). isthmus
MCQ ANSWER: Leydig’s cells
_____ is called the central fluid filled cavity of the blastula.
(A). archenteron
(B). morula
(C). blastocyst
(D). blastocoel
MCQ ANSWER: blastocoel

____ is where Sertoli cells are present.
(A). Liver
(B). Germinal epithelium
(C). Heart
(D). seminiferous tubules
MCQ ANSWER: seminiferous tubules


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