Railway E-Ticket Reservation System Project in PHP

By: Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil

Code and documentation of Railway E-Ticket Reservation System Project in PHP



Project Domain / Category


Web Application


Abstract / Introduction


“Railway E-Ticket Reservation System” is a web-based system that offers services to its users to reserve seats online for single/round trips, tourism trips and long trips. To promote tourism culture, special tourism trains are driven for different routes and due to limited number of seats in such trains, the clients/passengers/travellers have to first book seat(s) online, then their booking will be confirmed when the client/passenger/traveller will actually collect the ticket from the front desk at the concerned railway station. However, for general or long trips, the client/passenger/traveller can start travelling after the completion of online ticket reservation process i.e. e-generated ticket through the proposed system. “Railway E-Ticket Reservation System” will provide relevant details like train route, name, timings, fare and railway station etc., to its users which will help the users in planning a future trip.


Main Roles/Users of the system:


  • Administrator (Admin)


  • Front Desk Officer
  • Client/Passenger/Traveller

Functional Requirements:



  1. Admin will able to Add/Remove/Update train route details, ticket fare, arrival and departure timings.


  1. Admin will manage registered users (Front Desk Officers, Client/Passenger/Traveller) accounts.


  1. Admin will perform all system related activities e.g. Gallery Management (Images of Trains etc.), Instructions, rules and policies and related information etc.


  1. Front Desk Officer will able to view and verify clients/passengers’ details.


  1. Front Desk Officer will confirm reservation and then ticket will be issued to client/passenger/traveller for tourist train.


  1. Front Desk Officer will have the rights to change seat reservation status to “Reservation Completed”.


  1. Front Desk officer will also handle ticket cancellation requests.
  2. Client/Passenger will register him/herself for e-ticket reservation process.
  • Registration details include Full Name, Mobile No., Email Address, CNIC No., Nearest Station,


  1. Client/Passenger sign-in credentials will include Mobile number, password and Verification Code.


  1. Client’s dashboard will include the following options:


  • Verify account and view profile
  • Book E – Ticket
  • Cancelled Orders
  • Helpline Numbers


  • Print Orders
  • Train cancelled? (Cancel your order for which train is cancelled / late)
  • Confirmed Orders


  • Ordered History
  • Instructions
  • Suggestion and complaints


  1. Client/Passenger/traveller will able to view information about train route details, ticket fare and train arrival and departure timings.


  1. Client/Passenger/traveller may select some appropriate payment methods to book / reserve the tickets.


  1. On successful e-ticket reservation process, ticket receipt will be generated.


  • In case of tourist train trip only those clients/passenger/travellers will get ticket(s) who have already applied/requested for the ticket through online ticket reservation process at the proposed system and will collect ticket from front desk (before 2hrs of departure), and then ticket reservation status will be changed to “Ticked Received” in client/passenger account.


  1. User will have the option to cancel the ticket through his/her online account.



IDE: Dreamweaver/XAMPP


Language: PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript

Database: MySQL/SQL Server

Class diagram, activity diagram, data flow diagram, sequence diagram, use case diagram, testing test cases, SRS, Design, Test phase, and final deliverable., and others are needed to draw for this project.

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