Production Operation Management Past Papers

Past Papers of Production Operation Management

Course Title: Production Operation Management

Final Term Exam

Fall Semester 2021

Course Code:

Discipline Programes: BBA

Total Marks: 30

Time allowed: 2:30 hours


Question #1(8 Marks)

Define the designing of quality, Cost of quality. Explain seven tools and seven concepts of TQMT


Question #2 (8 Marks)

Explain Product deployment system, quality function deployment and issues for prolact design?

Question #3 (8 Marks)

Why decision making tools are important in production operation management and what is the decision making process in the planning and controlling stage explain in detail


Question #4 (16 Marks)

Explain the flowing terms

1 Robust design and Modular Design

2 Befits of globalization.

3. Reasons for automation.