Process creation, Process spawning in operating systems

Process Creation

When a new program is loaded into the memory, the program creates the child processes.

Process spawning

Process spawning is a technique in which OS creates a child process by the request of another process.

When OS creates child process by the request of the parent process.

  • Parent process create children processes
  • Then children process can become a parent and can create other processes.
  • Process creation in such a way produces a tree of processes.
  • When a process is created, it assigns a process ID.
  • Each process identified and managed with the help of this  PID (process identifier).
  • Parent and child process can share resources with each other. Resource sharing can be like;
    • Parent and child share no resources
    • Parent and children share all resources.
    • Children share some of the parent’s resources

How parent and child executes?

Parent and children execute ate the same time.

When a new process is created, OS maintains the important data structure and address space for the process in Main memory.

UNIX OS and Linux OS:

Fork() is a system call that is used to creates a new process.

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