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Presentation Topics – Space plasma physics

Presentation Topic: Space plasma physics


  1. Nonlinear excitation of large-amplitude ion acoustic solitary waves in a multispecies warm ion plasma with ultra-relativistic degenerate electrons
  2. Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Systems and Applications
  3. Miniaturization of dielectric ceramic-based metamaterial perfect absorber
  4. Probing QCD critical point and induced gravitational wave by black hole physics
  5. Tunable Diffusion Limited Aggregation software DLA/TEM ver. 1.13. 02
  6. Amplification of pulsed light with arbitrary frequency chirps on nanosecond timescales
  7. The Butterfly and the Sun
  8. Hydrogen and its detection in fusion and fission nuclear materials–a review
  9. Picosecond-range switching of high-voltage Si diode due to the delayed impact-ionization breakdown: Experiments vs simulations
  10. Rate of convergence in the disjunctive chaos game algorithm


  1. Dynamical intricacy and average sample complexity for random bundle transformations
  2. Probing the polar-nonpolar oxide interfaces using resonant x-ray standing wave techniques
  3. Physical topology optimization for highly reliable and efficient wavelength-assignable optical networks
  4. Spectropolarimetry package for visible emission line coronagraph (VELC) on board Aditya-L1 mission
  5. AlphaCAMM, a Micromegas-based camera for high-sensitivity screening of alpha surface contamination
  6. Solar Activity and Space Weather
  7. All-optical differentiator in frequency domain
  8. Upgrade of an integrated Langmuir probe system on the closed divertor target plates in the HL-2A tokamak
  9. Touchless potential sensing of complex differentially-charged shapes using X-rays
  10. Airfoil design and surrogate modeling for performance prediction based on deep learning method


  1. Effect of triangularity on ion-temperature-gradient-driven turbulence
  2. The heat transfer enhancement by unipolar charge injection in a rectangular Rayleigh–Bénard convection
  3. Hall current effect in double poro-thermoelastic material with fractional-order Moore–Gibson–Thompson heat equation subjected to Eringen’s nonlocal theory
  4. Constraining the Generalized Uncertainty Principle with the light twisted by rotating black holes and M87
  5. Viscous shaping of the compliant cell nucleus
  6. Influence of appendages on the wake field of surface combatant based on stereoscopic particle image velocimetry
  7. Quantum technologies in diamond enabled by laser processing
  8. Determination of the atomic structure and radiative transition properties of atoms or ions under the dense and solid density magnetized plasmas
  9. Epitaxial growth by atomic layer deposition and properties of high-k barium strontium titanate on Zintl-templated Ge (001) substrates
  10. Cancer Studies under Space Conditions: Finding Answers Abroad


  1. Calculating black hole shadows: review of analytical studies
  2. Magnetic field amplification by a plasma cavitation instability in relativistic shock precursors
  3. Experimental Characterization of Efficiency Modes in a Rotating Magnetic Field Thruster
  4. A transient intrusion flow on a cooled horizontal surface
  5. Airborne virus transmission under different weather conditions
  6. Cold Atmospheric Plasma, Platelet-Rich Plasma, and Nitric Oxide Synthesis Inhibitor: Effects Investigation on an Experimental Model on Rats
  7. A high-precision numerical approach to solving space fractional Gray-Scott model
  9. Explosion plume on the exit surface of fused silica during UV laser-induced damage
  10. Uniform supersonic flow sampling for detection by chirped-pulse rotational spectroscopy


  1. Modified homotopy perturbation approach for the system of fractional partial differential equations: A utility of fractional Wronskian
  2. Modulation instability analysis, optical solitons and other solutions to the (2+ 1)-dimensional hyperbolic nonlinear Schrodinger’s equation
  3. Non-perturbative phenomena in jet modification
  4. Prediction of porous media fluid flow using physics informed neural networks
  5. … streamer propagation, active species generation and trichloroethylene degradation using a three-electrode nanosecond pulsed sliding DBD nanosecond plasma
  6. Spatial trans-epithelial electrical resistance (S-TEER) integrated in organs-on-chips
  7. High Energy Density physics Optimization of a short-pulse− driven Si Heα soft x-ray backlighter
  8. Trade-off in perpendicular electric field control using negatively biased emissive end-electrodes
  9. Analyzing magnetic nanofluid structure
  10. Stress-Testing Cosmic Ray Physics: The Impact of Cosmic Rays on the Surviving Disk of Ram Pressure Stripped Galaxies


  1. Observation of photon recoil effects in single-beam absorption spectroscopy with an ultracold strontium gas
  2. Non-conformal attractor in boost-invariant plasmas
  3. Bandgap and electrochemical engineering for disordered LaFeO3
  4. Adiabatic projection: Bridging ab initio, density functional, semiempirical, and embedding approximations
  5. CHyPS: A high-order material response solver for ablative thermal protection systems
  6. An explicitly solvable energy-conserving algorithm for pitch-angle scattering in magnetized plasmas
  7. A complex-valued gradient flow for the entangled bipartite low rank approximation
  8. An ultra-low background alpha detection system with a Micromegas-based time projection chamber
  9. Abundant M-fractional optical solitons to the pertubed Gerdjikov–Ivanov equation treating the mathematical nonlinear optics
  10. Discrete element simulations on the damaged surface hydrodynamics of tungsten powders with inert Ar gas


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