Physical Education MCQs

Physical education supports the students to prepare students____
(A) learn the art of exercise
(B) to gain intelligence
(C) to retain physical and body energy
(D) to maintain healthy-lifestyle and physical fitness
Answer: to maintain healthy-lifestyle and physical fitness
Health is primarily a responsibility of the?
(A) Community
(B) Parents
(C) State
(D) Individual
Answer: Individual
The quality of Physical Education instructor is?
(A) Civilized
(B) Smart
(C) Young Physical activity is basically a
(D) Best performance
Answer: Best performance
What is the Focus of physical education?
(A) Motion
(B) Man in motion
(C) Man
(D) Fitness
Answer: Man in motion
A Physical Education instructor now-a-days is essentially?
(A) An Instructor
(B) A Movement Educator
(C) A Drill Master
(D) All of these
Answer: All of these
If you want effective administration, then the physical education instructor must have?
(A) High qualification
(B) Good personality
(C) Teaching ability
(D) Technical Knowledge and skills
Answer: Technical Knowledge and skills
Mostly Theories of Physical Education are founded on which of the followings?
(A) Experience and understanding
(B) Scientific principles related to movements
(C) Customs and traditions
(D) Philosophical thoughts
Answer: Scientific principles related to movements
The curriculum is a major factor in which of the following?
(A) The maintenance and development of a best ideal learning environment
(B) The arising of less disciplinary problems
(C) The development of student interest
(D) None of these
The maintenance and development of a best ideal learning environment
Physical activity is basically a?
(A) Biological necessity
(B) Psychological tendeoty
(C) Social attribute
(D) Philosophical concep
Answer: Biological necessity
In health education, what is the fundamental principle to start?
(A) Known to unknown
(B) Earlier to the recent
(C) Voluntary to involuntary
(D) Ancient to modern
Answer: Known to unknown
The psycho motor domain of physical education is concerned with which one of the followings?
(A) Knowledge
(B) Values
(C) Motor Skills
(D) Attitude
Answer: Values
______ is the earliest concept of health?
A) The Bio-medical concept
(B) The Psycho-social concept
(C) The Ecological concept
(D) The Religious concept
Answer: The Religious concept
______are important for remaining fit and healthy for a student?
(A) Aptitudes
(B) Routines
(C) Attitudes
(D) Life style
Answer: Routines
________reflects the true nature of modern physical education.
(A) Movement Education
(B) Science of Movement
(C) Physical training
(D) Athleticism
Answer: Physical training.
The concept of Health main focus is on_______ according to World Health Organization.
(A) Physical health
(B) Freedom from diseases
(C) Health as a sense of total wellbeing
(D) Mental health
Answer: Health as a sense of total wellbeing

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