MCQs Computer Operator – Atomic energy

Multiple Choice Questions type preparation of Atomic energy Junior and senior computer Operator.

A domain name ending with “org” refers to the following term
A. An organization
B. A network site
C. A commercial website
D. A site which has very high traffic
E. none of these
Answer: A

The process copy data from a remote computer to a local computer is called

(A) Download

(B) Editing

(C) Upload

(D) E-mail

Ans: A

Internet was formed in the

A. 1980s
B. 1960s
C. 1970s
D. 1950s
Answer D

Who is the builder of Facebook which is currently the no.1 social networking website in India?

A. Bill Gates
B. Orkut Buycukkokten
C. Martin Cooper
D. Mark Zurkerberg

Answer D

A website is a combination of

A. Web pages
B. Algorithms
C. Charts
D. Programs

Answer A

www abbreviation of;

A. World wide web
B. World Wide wonder
C. Worldwide webulugam
D. World Wide wizard
Answer A

Select the easiest way of communication?
b) Fax
c) Telephone
d) E.mail

Answer: c

Which term do not provide free E-mail?
a) Yahoo
b) Whatsapp
c) Rediff
d) Hotmail

Answer: b
The internet is a collection of;

A. Software bundles
B. Website
C. Web page
D. Interconnected networks
Answer D

The specific name of a web address that used to identifies on the web.

A. Line
C. Website
D. Web browser
Answer A

Which term is needed to create the internet?

A. Function key
B. Search engine
C. Browser
D. Link

Answer A
G–mail owned by

A. Gopher mail
B. Yahoo mail
C. Great mail
D. Google mail
Answer D

Each IP packet must have

A. Only source address
B. Source or destination address
C. Only destination address
D. Source and destination address
Answer D
The last three letters of the domain name define the type of

A. Organisation(domain name)
B. Protocol
C. Server
D. Connectivity
Answer A
A cookie

A. Stores the password of the user
B. Stores software developed by the user
C. Stores the commands used by the us
D. Stores information about the user’s web activity

Answer D
IPV4 address is

A. 32 bit
B. 16 bit
C. 8 bit
D. 64 bit
Answer A

Which of the following is used to pasture and find for information on the Internet?

A. Netscape
B. Telnet
C. Eudora
Answer A
FTP abbriviation of;

A. Fast Transmission Processor
B. Fast Text Processing
C. File Transmission Program
D. File Transfer Protocol
Answer D

Define URL;

A. A computer program
B. An acronym for an unlimited resource for learning
C. A type of programming object
D. The address of a document or ‘page’ on the world wide web

Answer D

An educational establishment would normally have the following in its domain name

A. .edu
B. .inst
C. .com
D. .org
Answer A

Which term is used to create an HTML document;

A. Internet
B. Search engine
C. Text editor
D. Browser
Answer C

Which term is used for the search engine;

A. Google
C Flash
D. Internet Explorer
Answer A

Sending an Email near to;

A. writing a letter
B. taking on the phone
C.drawing a picture
D. sending a package
Answer A

The huge network of computers that attach millions of people all over the world is called

A. Hypertext
B. Internet
C. Web
D. Gateway

Answer B

How many parts of the HTTP request

A. 1
B. 2
C. 4
D. 3
Answer D
Identify m-commerce

A. Machine commerce
B. Money commerce
C. Mobile commerce
D. Marketing commerce
Answer A
Which term is used for the browser to connect the location of the internet resources

B. Protocol
C. Linkers
D. Cable
Answer A
The home page of a website is known as

A. The most colorful page
B. The largest page
C. The last page
D. The first page
Answer D
The secret part of code that provides you access to some program, is

A. Cue
B. Clue
C. Help
D. Password
Answer D

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