Industrial Electronics Past Papers important Questions

Industrial Electronics Past Papers 1

Paper: Industrial Electronics

Time Allowed: 3 hours


Total Marks:    70, Passing Marks (35)

Q1.      Differentiate among the following (briefly).                                                              (14)

  1. AC and DC generators
  2. Thermocouple & Thermisters
  3. Toggle & Limit switch
  4. Triac & Diac
  5. Solenoid & EMR

Q2.      Explain the following terms in detail.                                                                         (14)

  1. Counter EMF in Motor?
  2. Counter torque in Generator?

Q.3      Define stepper motor also explain different types of stepper  motor?                       (14)

Q4.      Explain classification of AC motors?                                                                         (14)

Q5.      What is Electromagnetic Relay? Explain.                                                                   (14)

Q6.      Define Transducers? Also explain Resistance Temperature Detector?                      (14)

Q7.      Enlist types of process control. Also explain two types of process control.               (14)

Q8.      Define Programmable controller, I/O interfaces, processor, and memory?                (14)

Industrial Electronics Guess Papers 2

Paper: Industrial Electronics

Time Allowed: 3 hours


Total Marks:    70, Passing Marks (35)

  1. 1. Define the following terms properly: (14)
  2. Relays and solenoids
  3. Forward conducting and forward blocking region
  4. RC and LC feedback oscillators
  5. PID controller
  6. Voltage Triggering
  7. Thermal runaway and heat sink
  8. A dc-chopper

Q.2.     A) Define Transducers. Explain transducers in terms of Temperature, Pressure, and Displacement.                                                                                                                                    (14)

  1. B) Describe the Resistance Temperature Detector.


Q.3.     A) Explain the construction and working of a thyristor.                                                        (14)

  1. B) Describe the basic structure and working/operation of DIACs and TRIACs.


Q.4.     A) Draw the circuit diagram of a Colpitt’s oscillator and explain its principle of working. (14)

  1. B) Draw the circuit diagram of a Hartley oscillator. Derive the conditions for the maintenance and frequency of oscillations.


Q.5.    A) How to achieve the design of a sequential control using Ladder Logic?                                     (14)

  1. B) How various switches and sensors are symbolically represented in any control systems? Support your answer with examples.


Q.6.     A) Define stepper motor. Also explain the different types of stepper motor.                        (14)

  1. B) What are the common methods of Electronic Motor control?


Q.7.     A) What is meant by phase control? Explain how phase control is used in thyristors.          (14)

  1. B) Define Holding current and Latching current

Q.8.      Write short notes on any two of the following:                                                                     (14)

  1. Classification and characteristics of Robotics
  2. Comparison between general purpose computer and PLC
  3. AC Motors
  4. Power Amplifiers.

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