I am Weak in Programming – Common Mistakes in First Semester

I am Weak in Programming – Common Mistakes in First Semester

Some of the people are intelligent by birth.  some people make themselves intelligent by practicing the difficult problems.

Similarly when you see your classroom then you can see that some of the students are very brilliant and they can understand the programming lecture very easily.  

They can solve the programming problems in a very short time. these students are in between one of these two types. you are weak in programming, then don’t need to be a worry.

You only need to practice on a daily basis. you need to know the programming examples daily at least two hours.

Some important factors that can stop you to learn to program.

  1. If you do not feel guilty to yourself.
  2. You are weak in programming and you are blaming your teacher. When you blame yourself,  then you try to make some improvements in yourself. But if you are blaming you are teacher,  then you cannot improve yourself.
  3. You are a teacher is asking you again and again that please let me know do you have any kind of difficulty in understanding the topic,  and you are silent.
  4. Where any kind of error occurs in your program then quickly you ask someone to solve the error.
  5. You are not in the habit of reading book.
  6. You are not getting any kind of help from Google and YouTube. If your teacher,  Google, and YouTube are failed to make you a good programmer,  then why you are not contacting any other person. 
  7. Your friends are weak in programming.  Always try to make programmer friends for yourself.
  8. Programming is not your passion.
  9. You are trying to learn the advanced programming and you don’t know about the basics of programming.  Always try to learn from basics.
  10. You are not asking questions from your teacher in the classroom.
  11. You are not discussing the problem facing in learning the programming concepts.
  12. You are not following the instructions of your teacher.
  13. Your mind is not focused when you write a program.
  14. You don’t have any kind of PC and laptop in your home.
  15. You are not in a habit of using the mouse with your laptop.
  16. You are not discussing with your friends about programming.  Always try to make groups with your class fellows and try to learn to program in groups. Here I am not talking about groups like commonly called couples.
  17. You are not preparing the notes for your programming lectures.  Handwritten notes are more useful.
  18. You are not saving the programs in your computer in a dedicated folder.  Always try to save the programs in a dedicated folder with chapter names and with topic names.
  19. Always bookmarks the best programming tutorials websites in your web browsers.
  20. Always subscribe with YouTube channels providing programming video lectures.
  21. Always describe with the websites providing  Tutorials on programming. when you subscribe with any website,  the website will send you that notification when any new post will be published on the website.
  22. You on your laptop for programming when you are tired. Always try to practice the programming with fresh mood.

What of the above habits you find in yourself or in your friend. Put the comment below and also give your suggestions.

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