Human Computer Interaction Questions Past Papers

Sample 1: Human Computer Interaction important Questions from Past papers

Q.1 Define these terms in context of HCI [14 Marks]

1. Attention
2. Mental Model
3. Learning
4. Interface
5. Ubiquitous computing
6. menus and navigation
7. user assistance

Q.2. Write a detailed note on Components in HCI. Also draw diagram to show the arrangements of components. (14)

Q.3. What is role of Human mind in HCI. Write a detailed note on cognitive elements. (14)

Q.4. What is relationship among software development Life cycle and Human Computer Interaction? Explain with help of diagrams. (14)

Q.5. (a) What are the qualities of good software design?
(b)Provide a list of at least 10 design rules from Norman and shneiderman. (7+7)

Q.6 How input and output devices make impact on HCI. Discuss at least 5 different devices and explain their impact. (14)

Q.7. Write short notes on any TWO of the following.
(a) Interaction Styles (07)
(b) User-Centered Design (07)
(c) Universal Design (07)

Sample 1: Past papers of Human Computer Interaction

Course Title : Human Computer Interaction

Course Code : 

Total Marks : 20

Time allowed : 1:00 hour

Discipline /Program :  BSCS /BSIT
Qno 1: What are interface crackers? Explain different types of crackers and how they works? (5)

Qno 2: Explain fluidity and design tradeoffs in details. (5)

Qno 3: Write a note on WIMP and Point and click interfaces. (5)

Qno 4: What are design paradigm? Explain in details. (5)

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