Fundamentals of Chemistry Past Papers


Subject: Fundamentals of Chemistry

Time Allowed: 15 Min

Maximum Marks: 10

NOTE: Attempt this Paper on this Question Sheet only. Please encircle the correct option. Division of marks is given in front of each question. This Paper will be collected back after expiry of time limit mentioned above.


Part-I Encircle the right answer, cutting and overwriting is not allowed. (1×10=10)

1. The velocity of beta rays is almost equal to:

(a) Velocity of alpha rays                              (b) velocity of light

(c) Velocity of sound                                      (d) velocity of gamma rays

2. The units of zero order rate constant arc

(a) mmol-1                                                           (b) mol dm-3 sec-1

(c) m2 mol-2                                                         (d) mol m-2

3. Water is used in nuclear reactor as

(a) Moderator                                                   (b) coolant —

(c) Fuel                                                                                 (d) Botha & b

4. the most electronegative of these group I element is

(a) K                                                                       (b) Li

(c) Cs                                                                    (d) Rb

5. The shape of a molecule with five electron pairs around a central atom will be

(a) tetrahedral                                                  (b) pyramidal

(c) trigonal bipyramidal                                  (d)octahedral

6. The Bond angle around the atom which uses sp2 hybrid orbital is

(a) 120                                                                  (b) 180

(c) 110                                                                   (d) 109.5

7. The SI units of pre-exponential factor A in equation k = Ae–Ea/RT for 2nd order reaction are

(a) M-1S-1                                                             (b) M-2S-1

(c) MS-1                                                                (d) None of these

8. The units of coelficient of viscosity are

(a) kgm-1s-1                                                         (b) kgm-2s-1

(c) kgm-1s-2                                                          (d) none

9. Van der wals equation of state approaches ideality at

(a) high pressure and low temperature                 (b) low values of PV product

(c) low pressure and high temperature (d) none of these

10. The value of refractive index of aqueous solution of sucrose

(a) Increases with concentration               (b) Decreases with concentration

(c) Does not change with concentration                (d) None of these