Fluid Pressure examples, formula and calculator

By Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil
Last modified on May 27th, 2019




if ($ss==’3′) {


echo “value of force is $force and area is $area the result of pressure is $pressure”;
elseif ($ss==”1″) {


$force=$pressure * $area;
echo “value of area is $area and pressure is $pressure the result of force is $force”;
echo “value of force is $force and pressure is $pressure the result of area is $area”;


I want to calculate



m 2


N/m 2


Step by step explanation of what you enter

Real Time Conversion
Function [insert_php] echo $op3; [/insert_php] [insert_php] echo $op4; [/insert_php] Result
[insert_php] echo $ss; [/insert_php] [insert_php] echo $op1; [/insert_php] [insert_php] echo $op2; [/insert_php] [insert_php] echo $Operations; [/insert_php]

Examples of Fluid Pressure

Sr# Operations Force Area Pressure Formula
example#1 Force 30 10 3 3*10
example#2 Area 15 0.5 30 15/30
example#3 Pressure 15 10 1.5 15/10
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