Difference between plants and fungi

Let me share with you a difference between plants and fungi.          

Aspect         Plants             Fungi
Kingdom         Plantae           Fungi
Cellular organization ·        Multicellular ·        Mostly multicellular

·        Some are unicellular (yeasts)

Composition of cell wall Made of cellulose Made of chitin
Mode of nutrition Autotrophic Heterotrophic, absorb nutrients from surroundings
Type of reproduction Sexual and asexual reproduction through seeds, spores, and other structures Asexual (spores) and sexual reproduction (conidia, basidiospores, etc.)
Habitat Terrestrial and aquatic environments Terrestrial, often associated with decaying matter, some aquatic species
Structure Roots, stems, leaves for structure and support Mycelium (mass of hyphae) for structure, often without well-defined tissues
Chloroplasts Present in most plant cells Absent
Photosynthetic Pigments Chlorophylls a and b Absent
Storage Products Starch and other carbohydrates in plastids Glycogen in some fungi, lipids, and other storage compounds
Economic Importance Food source for humans and animals, oxygen production Used in food (mushrooms), fermentation (yeasts) and medicine (penicillin)
Examples ·        Trees

·        Grasses

·        Flowers

·        Mushrooms

·        Molds

·        Yeasts