Anthropology MCQs

Anthropology Solved MCQs Questions answers is the set of important MCQs repeatedly asked in many tests of admissions, jobs, and public service commission.

Ethnology term invent and determine by
(a) Étienne Serres
(b) Adam F. Kollár
(c) Charles Darwin
(d) Franz Boas
Answer: Adam F. Kollár

Kardiner theory of the relationship between culture and personality is
(a) Present personality
(b) Basic personality
(c) Grooming personality
(d) All of the above
Answer: Basic personality

In nature, a mode or plan for survivance is known as
(a) An association
(b) Artificial selection
(c) Adaptive radiation
(d) An adaptation
Answer: An adaptation

Ruth Benedict, Margaret Mead, is a student of
(a) Franz Boas
(b) E.B Taylor
(c) Morgan
(d) None of these
Answer: Franz Boas

Woman liberation anthropologists show that there is no difference
(a) with women and girl
(b) Women and men
(c) Men and boys
(d) None of these
Answer: Women and men

The subdiscipline of anthropology that learning the diversity of human behavior in the past is
(a) physical anthropology
(b) linguistic anthropology
(c) archaeology
(d) cultural anthropology
Answer: archaeology

The research of species such as monkeys and apes is called;
(a) primatology
(b) apology
(c) anthropology
(d) archaeology
Answer: primatology

The meadow of anthropology that learning of cross-cultural knowledge and use of plants is called
(a) vegetal anthropology
(b) forensic anthropology
(c) ethnobotany
(d) there is no such field
Answer: ethnobotany

Students who crucial in anthropology can produce a living in which career(s)?
(a) teaching
(b) government/policy
(c) business/consulting
(d) all of the above
Answer: all of the above

Which is NOT part of the anthropological outlook;
(a) cross-cultural study
(b) holism
(c) ethnocentrism
(d) cultural relativism
Answer: ethnocentrism

The perspective that all feature of a culture must be work in connection with each other is
(a) cross-cultural study
(b) holism
(c) glocalization
(d) cultural relativism
Answer: holism

The viewpoint that you can recognize or judge another culture in terms of your own culture is called
(a) cultural relativism
(b) ethnocentrism
(c) cultural anthropology
(d) ethnocultural
Answer: ethnocentrism

Select a name Who said, “Ideas about race, culture, and peoplehood or strain have long served to orient anthropology’s inquiries ….”
(a) Magnus Hundt
(b) Eric R. Wolf
(c) Otto Cayman
(d) Bartholins
Answer: Eric R. Wolf

Word Anthropology first emerge in Renaissance Germany in the works of
(a) Bartholins
(b) Otto Cayman
(c) Magnus Hundt
(d) Both b & c
Answer: Both b & c

Select a name Who defined anthropology as “the science of the nature of man”
(a) Charles Darwin
(b) Étienne Serres
(c) Waitz
(d) Paul Broca
Answer: Waitz

Cultural anthropology in specific has emphasized
(a) holism,
(b) cultural relativism
(c) Use of findings to frame cultural critiques
(d) All of these
Answer: All of these

Select the birth date of Emile Durkheim
Answer 1858-1918

Food making systems are often classified into;
A.Food and Goods
B.Hunting and gathering
C.Food and market
D.None of these
Answer Hunting and gathering

In which year Emile Durkheim gave the notion self-slaughter;
Answer 1951

When the investigator asks the tergiversator face to face question, this technique is called
C.Interview schedule
D.Interview guide
Answer Interview schedule

In which city Forde Daryl social anthropologist from
D.None of these
Answer British

The mastery of faith worth point of view and actions in the environment is all about
B.By birth
D.All of the above
Answer Culture

Strategies for survival that are NOT genetically determined.
D.Social life
Answer A

Modern victimization can be restricted according to the
A.Time and knowledge
B.Time and manner
C.Knowledge and power
D.All of the above
Answer Time and manner

The move from one place to another have no storage system is

A.Move only within the community
B.They can’t move from one place to another and have a storage system
D.None of these
Answer Productivity

Anthropology is a basic research of
(a) Community
(b) Human being
(c) Male and female
(d) None of these
Answer: Human being