Adjective of government

Adjective Meaning Example Sentence
Authoritarian Exercising strict control and authority The authoritarian government suppressed freedom of speech.
Bureaucratic Involving complex administrative procedures The bureaucratic government often faced delays in implementing policies.
Centralized Concentrated in a central authority The centralized government had significant power over regional matters.
Corrupt Involved in dishonest or illegal activities The corrupt government officials embezzled public funds.
Democratic Involving the participation of the people in decision-making The democratic government allows citizens to vote for their leaders.
Elected Chosen through a voting process The newly elected government promised economic reforms.
Federal Relating to a system of government with central and regional components The country’s federal government oversees national policies.
Progressive Favoring social and political reform The progressive government introduced policies for equality and justice.
Stable Secure and consistent in governance The stable government contributed to economic growth and development.
Transparent Open and accountable in decision-making The transparent government provided regular updates on its actions.
Adjective of government
Adjective of government