Accounting and Valuation Research Topics

Research Area/ Research Interest: Accounting and Valuation

Research Paper Topics for Masters and Ph.D. Thesis and publication

  1. Evolution in value relevance of accounting information
  2. Valuing knowledge: The political economy of human capital accounting
  3. Valuing the global mortality consequences of climate change accounting for adaptation costs and benefits
  4. Beyond shareholder value maximization: Accounting for financial/social trade-offs in dual-purpose companies
  5. Replicating private equity with value investing, homemade leverage, and hold-to-maturity accounting
  6.  Financial accounting theory
  7. Accounting conservatism and bankruptcy risk
  8.  Financial accounting: a managerial perspective
  9.  Financial accounting theory and analysis: text and cases
  10. Impact of mergers and acquisitions on accounting-based performance of acquiring firms in India
  11. Relief from Royalty Method of Intellectual Property Valuations
  12. Decomposing firm value
  13. An accounting-based asset pricing model and a fundamental factor
  14. Theory testing and process evidence in accounting experiments
  15. Impact of social responsibility disclosure between implementation of green accounting and sustainable development: A study on heavily polluting companies in …
  16. Valuation of new trademarks
  17.  Accounting: What the numbers mean
  18. Corporate carbon accounting: a literature review of carbon accounting research from the Kyoto Protocol to the Paris Agreement
  19. Reversed accounting: Legal professionals, families and the gender wealth gap in France
  20.  Property valuation
  21. The power of words: an empirical analysis of the communicative value of extended auditor reports
  22. Bayesian dynamic extreme value modeling for conflict-based real-time safety analysis
  23. Asset-Level Transparency and the (E) valuation of Asset-Backed Securities
  24. The cross-section of bank value
  25. Is there a confidence interval for that? A critical examination of null outcome reporting in accounting research
  26. COVID-19 impact, sustainability performance and firm value: international evidence
  27.  An Investigation of Environmental Accounting Measurement
  28. Behavioral economics of accounting: A review of archival research on individual decision makers
  29.  On crisis and emergency: Is it time to rethink long-term environmental accounting?
  30. The incidence, valuation, and management of tax-related reputational costs: Evidence from a period of protest
  31. The relationship between chief risk officer expertise, ERM quality, and firm performance
  32. A normative account of confirmation bias during reinforcement learning
  33. From accounting to economics: the role of aggregate special items in gauging the state of the economy
  34. Intangibles: The missing ingredient in book value
  35. Does accounting conservatism make good news forecasts more credible and bad news forecasts less alarming?
  36. Stakeholder governance for responsible innovation: A theory of value creation, appropriation, and distribution
  37.  Financial statement analysis: a practitioner’s guide
  38. Main Methods of Reconstruction of the Tourism System of Historical City Centers
  39. Lockdown accounting
  40. The value of avoiding a LULU: hazardous waste disposal sites
  41. A contemporary review of Islamic finance and accounting literature
  42. Does task-specific knowledge improve audit quality: Evidence from audits of income tax accounts
  43. Global value chains, trade shocks and jobs: An application to Brexit
  44. The Dasgupta Review deconstructed: An exposé of biodiversity economics
  45.  The impact of COVID-19 on the Valuations of non-financial European firms
  46. SEC comment letters on Form S-4 and M&A accounting quality
  47. The end of privilege: A reexamination of the net foreign asset position of the United States
  48. The inclusive wealth index and sustainable development goals
  49. Out of control: The (over) use of controls in accounting research
  50. Multilevel influence of routine redesigning, legitimacy and functional affordance on sustainability accounting: Mediating role of organizational sense-making
  51. Accounting-based thresholds and growth decisions in the banking industry
  52. Value of additional traffic data in the context of bridge service-life management
  53. Short selling: A review of the literature and implications for future research
  54. Entrepreneurial Orientation, Market Orientation, Managerial Accounting and Manufacturing SMEs Satisfaction
  55. Who participated in the GameStop frenzy? Evidence from brokerage accounts
  56. Take the Q train: Value capture of public infrastructure projects
  57.  Efficiency of Investment Project Evaluation in the Development of Innovative Industrial Activities
  58. Financial statement analysis
  59. Stock market reactions to adverse ESG disclosure via media channels
  60. Tree-based models for variable annuity valuation: parameter tuning and empirical analysis
  61. The fragility of market risk insurance
  62. Five Components of Work Motivation in the Achievement of Lecturer Performance
  63. Man versus machine: Complex estimates and auditor reliance on artificial intelligence
  64.  The EQ-5D-5L valuation study in Egypt
  65. The value of airborne wind energy to the electricity system
  66.  Cost Accounting For Dummies
  67. International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSASs): A systematic literature review and future research agenda
  68. Sustainability at stake during COVID-19: Exploring the role of accounting in addressing environmental crises
  69.  A worked example of Braun and Clarke’s approach to reflexive thematic analysis
  70. Executive compensation in Europe: Realized gains from stock-based pay
  71. Artificial intelligence, data-driven learning, and the decentralized structure of platform ecosystems
  72. Auditor, client and investor consequences of the enhanced auditor’s report
  73. Adjuster Synthesizing for the Heat Process with Matlab
  74. The fiscal theory of the price level
  75. Pandemics, intermediate goods, and corporate valuation
  76. Quantifying the value of information from inspecting and monitoring engineering systems subject to gradual and shock deterioration
  77. Corporate social responsibility and market efficiency: Evidence from ESG and misvaluation measures
  78. Green intellectual capital and environmental management accounting: Natural resource orchestration in favor of environmental performance
  79.  A comprehensive measurement of the local value of the Hubble constant with 1 km s− 1 mpc− 1 uncertainty from the Hubble space telescope and the sh0es …
  80. Critical advances and future opportunities in upcycling commodity polymers
  81. Connecting the COVID-19 pandemic, environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing and calls for ‘harmonisation’of sustainability reporting
  82. Comparing non-GAAP EPS in earnings announcements and proxy statements
  83.  Revisiting Intangible Capital and Labor Productivity Growth, 2000–2015: Accounting for the Crisis and Economic Recovery in the EU
  84. Buy low, sell high? Do private equity fund managers have market timing abilities?
  85. The fiscal roots of inflation
  86.  Corporate finance: theory and practice
  87. Does lesbian and gay friendliness pay off? A new look at LGBT policies and firm performance
  88. Pandemic trade: COVID-19, remote work and global value chains
  89. The effect of school closures on standardised student test outcomes
  91.  Exploring the impact of sustainability (ESG) disclosure on firm value and financial performance (FP) in airline industry: the moderating role of size and age
  92. The rising value of time and the origin of urban gentrification
  93. Do Low-Income Students Have Equal Access to Effective Teachers?
  94. Accounting for uncertainty in real-time flood inundation mapping using HAND model: Iowa case study
  95. Valuing intrinsic and instrumental preferences for privacy
  96.  Financial and Management accounting
  97. Utilization of fruit and vegetable waste to produce value-added products: Conventional utilization and emerging opportunities-A review
  98. The value of a water view: variability over 25 years in a coastal housing market
  99. A worldwide sectorial analysis of sustainability reporting and its impact on firm performance
  100.  Corporate finance: theory and practice
  101. The investment network, sectoral comovement, and the changing US business cycle
  102.  A review of the plastic value chain from a circular economy perspective
  103. Diagnosing physician error: A machine learning approach to low-value health care
  104. Venture capital contracts
  105. Accounting for precision uncertainty of toxicity testing: Methods to define borderline ranges and implications for hazard assessment of chemicals
  106.  Value co-creation and perceived value: A customer perspective in the hospitality context
  107. A global macroeconomic risk model for value, momentum, and other asset classes
  108. Estimating labor market power
  109. On pearl’s hierarchy and the foundations of causal inference
  110. Towards exemplar-free continual learning in vision transformers: an account of attention, functional and weight regularization
  111. Effects of perceived value, expectation, visitor management, and visitor satisfaction on revisit intention to Borobudur Temple, Indonesia
  112. Illiquidity in sovereign debt markets
  113.  Experiencing Tess of the D’Urbervilles: A Deweyan Account
  114.  Mitigating emissions in India: accounting for the role of real income, renewable energy consumption and investment in energy
  115. Skill, scale, and value creation in the mutual fund industry
  116. The impact of IFRS 10 on consolidated financial reporting
  117. Determinants of Global Value Chain Participation: Cross-Country Evidence
  118. The Relationship Of The Value Of Monthly Pay Money To The Motivation Of Learning Fikh On Santri Al-Hidayah Islamic Boarding School Purwakarta
  119. The value of structural health monitoring in seismic emergency management of bridges
  120. Did the Dodd–Frank Whistleblower Provision Deter Accounting Fraud?
  121.  Risk management and capital adequacy
  122.  Does economic complexity matter for environmental sustainability? Using ecological footprint as an indicator
  123. The Long-Term Consequences of Short-Term Incentives
  124. Prognostic value of elevated lactate dehydrogenase in patients with COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis
  125. Does the Covid-19 pandemic affect faith-based investments? Evidence from global sectoral indices
  126. Islamic Green Banking At Bank Pembangunan Daerah In Indonesia
  127. Exchange rate exposure and firm dynamics
  128. The transdisciplinary health research apparatus: A Baradian account of knowledge boundaries and beyond
  129. Micro-mechanisms behind declining labor shares: Rising market power and changing modes of production
  130. Public firm presence, financial reporting, and the decline of US manufacturing
  131. Competition and customer acquisition in the us credit card market
  132. Competition, proprietary costs of financial reporting, and financial statement comparability
  133.  Normative Transformation and the War on Terrorism
  134. On the Italian public accounts’ sustainability: A wavelet approach
  135. Stock price reactions to ESG news: The role of ESG ratings and disagreement
  136.  Financial management
  137.  Strategic corporate social responsibility: Sustainable value creation
  138. “Honey, I Shrunk the ESG Alpha”: Risk-Adjusting ESG Portfolio Returns
  139. Properties prediction of environmentally friendly ultra-high-performance concrete using artificial neural networks
  140.  Innovation in mining: what are the challenges and opportunities along the value chain for Latin American suppliers?
  141.  Books of the Brave: Being an Account of Books and of Men in the Spanish Conquest and Settlement of the Sixteenth-century New World
  142. Challenges and recent developments in supply and value chains of electric vehicle batteries: A sustainability perspective
  143.  Analyzing differentiable fuzzy logic operators
  144. Управление рыночными механизмами в инвестиционном процессе
  145. COVID-19 pandemic exposes the vulnerability of the sharing economy: a novel accounting framework
  146. Assessing human information processing in lending decisions: A machine learning approach
  147.  Sampling permutations for Shapley value estimation
  148. Subjective value in entrepreneurship
  149. Time is the wisest counselor of all: The value of provider–patient engagement length in home healthcare
  150. Monetary policy and asset valuation
  151.  Competing values leadership
  152.  Private equity funds: Business structure and operations
  153. Wealth redistribution in bubbles and crashes
  154. Determination of structural and damage detection system influencing parameters on the value of information
  155. Thermal decomposition of perfluorinated carboxylic acids: Kinetic model and theoretical requirements for PFAS incineration
  156. Synthetic fat from petroleum as a resilient food for global catastrophes: Preliminary techno-economic assessment and technology roadmap
  157. Exorbitant privilege and exorbitant duty
  158. Retail shareholder participation in the proxy process: Monitoring, engagement, and voting
  159. Bayesian extreme value analysis of kinematic-based surrogate measure of safety to detect crash-prone conditions in connected vehicles environment: A driving …
  160. The diminishing value of representing the disadvantaged: Between group representation and individual career paths
  161. Recent advances in lignocellulosic biomass for biofuels and value-added bioproducts-A critical review
  162. Net operating loss carryforwards and corporate savings policies
  163. What does homophily do? A review of the consequences of homophily
  164. Accounting for soil architecture and microbial dynamics in microscale models: Current practices in soil science and the path ahead
  165. Dynamics among economic growth, urbanization, and environmental sustainability in IEA countries: the role of industry value-added
  166. Resisting social pressure in the household using mobile money: Experimental evidence on microenterprise investment in Uganda
  167. In the face of spillovers: Prudential policies in emerging economies
  168. New physics effects on the -boson mass from a doublet extension of the SM Higgs sector
  169. The structure and governance of venture-capital organizations
  170. Earnings management to avoid debt covenant violations and future performance
  171.  MENYIBAK AKUNTANSI SYARIAH Rekonstruksi Teknologi Akuntansi Syariah dari Wacana ke Aksi
  172. Why is corporate virtue in the eye of the beholder? The case of ESG ratings
  173. How do firms respond to corporate taxes?
  174. Accounting for skewed or one-sided measurement error in the dependent variable
  175. High value-added compounds from fruit and vegetable by-products–Characterization, bioactivities, and application in the development of novel food products
  176. Tax misperception and its effects on decision making–literature review and behavioral taxpayer response model
  177. Central bank digital currency in an open economy
  178. Oligopoly-driven development: The World Bank’s Trading for Development in the Age of Global Value Chains in perspective
  179. Consumer financial literacy and the efficiency of mortgage-related decisions: New evidence from the Panel Study of Income dynamics
  180. The impact of contract enforcement costs on value chains and aggregate productivity
  181.  The influence of climate change knowledge on consumer valuation of sustainably produced rice in Vietnam
  182. Earnings management to achieve industry-average profitability in Japan
  183. Portfolios for long-term investors
  184. Will Corporations Deliver Value to All Stakeholders?
  185.  Intra-therapeutic dosimetry of [177Lu] Lu-PSMA-617 in low-volume hormone-sensitive metastatic prostate cancer patients and correlation with treatment …
  186. Judgment and decision making research on CSR reporting in the COVID-19 pandemic environment
  187. Product market competition and voluntary corporate social responsibility disclosures
  188. Consequences of interim reporting: A Literature review and future research directions
  189.  Business ethics and quantification: Towards an ethics of numbers
  190. Clinical value of consensus molecular subtypes in colorectal cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis
  191. Pricing of debt and equity in a financial network with comonotonic endowments
  192. Blockchain-enabled fraud discovery through abnormal smart contract detection on Ethereum
  193. Commitment system theory: The evolving structure of commitments to multiple targets
  194.  User-Generated Content behavior and digital tourism services: A SEM-neural network model for information trust in social networking sites
  195. Values and emotionality in Greek political culture: a study of ressentiment
  196. The role of remittance inflow and renewable and non-renewable energy consumption in the environment: Accounting ecological footprint indicator for top remittance …
  197. Simulation of cryo-cooling to improve super alloys cutting tools
  198. Targeting high ability entrepreneurs using community information: Mechanism design in the field
  199. Report of the Lancet Commission on the Value of Death: bringing death back into life
  200.  Corporate culture: Evidence from the field
  201. Accruals earnings management proxies: Prudent business decisions or earnings manipulation?
  202. Corporate social responsibility learning in mergers and acquisitions
  203.  Designing AI for explainability and verifiability: a value sensitive design approach to avoid artificial stupidity in autonomous vehicles
  204. The effects of cultural dimensions on algorithmic news: How do cultural value orientations affect how people perceive algorithms?
  205. Conventional versus green investments: advancing innovation for better financial and environmental prospects
  206. Migrants and firms: Evidence from china
  207. Impact of declining renewable energy costs on electrification in low-emission scenarios
  208. Utility value and emotional support of teachers as predictors of student utility value and achievement
  209. Simple pricing schemes for consumers with evolving values
  210. A theory of assurance: Balancing costly formal control with tone at the top
  211. Face mask—A potential source of phthalate exposure for human
  212. Tax haven incorporation and financial reporting transparency
  213. Corporate R&D and stock returns: International evidence
  214. Asset reclassifications and bank recapitalization during the financial crisis
  215. Climate change uncertainty spillover in the macroeconomy
  216.  Cosmology intertwined: A review of the particle physics, astrophysics, and cosmology associated with the cosmological tensions and anomalies
  217. The collateral rule: Evidence from the credit default swap market
  218. Beyond utility value interventions: The why, when, and how for next steps in expectancy-value intervention research
  219. Religious/spiritual struggles and psychological distress: A test of three models in a longitudinal study of adults with chronic health conditions
  220. The effect of strategy on the asymmetric cost behavior of SG&A expenses
  221. The value of autonomous vehicles for last-mile deliveries in urban environments
  222. On the control of psychological networks
  223. Real effects of corporate taxation: A review
  224. Carbon reduction in commercial building operations: A provincial retrospection in China
  225. Impact of corporate social responsibility on financial expert CEOs’ turnover in heavily polluting companies in Bangladesh
  226. Optimal energy hub development to supply heating, cooling, electricity and freshwater for a coastal urban area taking into account economic and environmental …
  227. Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation with AHP and entropy methods and health risk assessment of groundwater in Yinchuan Basin, northwest China
  228.  Wastewater surveillance demonstrates high predictive value for COVID-19 infection on board repatriation flights to Australia
  229. Are value–behavior relations stronger than previously thought? It depends on value importance
  230. Bank financial reporting opacity and regulatory intervention
  231. Future ecosystem service value modeling with land cover dynamics by using machine learning based Artificial Neural Network model for Jashore city, Bangladesh
  232.  Study on Fuzzy ELECTRE Method with Various Methodologies
  233. Constructing a general model accounting for interstate rivalry termination
  234.  Co-evolution of platform architecture, platform services, and platform governance: Expanding the platform value of industrial digital platforms
  235. Twin Deficits Revisited: a role for fiscal institutions?
  236. Journalism Education in the 21st century: A thematic analysis of the research literature
  237. Oblique Lessons from the Mass Measurement at CDF II
  238. Putting value creation back into “public value”: from market-fixing to market-shaping
  239. The role of assurance in equity crowdfunding
  240. Inflating away the public debt? An empirical assessment
  241.  Supply shocks in supply chains: Evidence from the early lockdown in China
  242.  Libra or Librae? Basket based stablecoins to mitigate foreign exchange volatility spillovers
  243.  Assessing the benefit: risk ratio of a drug-randomized and naturalistic evidence
  244. Unexpected distractions and investor attention to corporate announcements
  245. Optimal accounting of differential privacy via characteristic function
  246. Continual means and boundary value problems in function spaces
  247. Integrated biorefinery processes for conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to value added materials: Paving a path towards circular economy
  248. Patent-based news shocks
  249. Recent trends and developments on integrated biochemical conversion process for valorization of dairy waste to value added bioproducts: A review
  250. Liberalism beyond justice
  251. 3D printed foods: A comprehensive review on technologies, nutritional value, safety, consumer attitude, regulatory framework, and economic and sustainability issues
  252. Financialization and non-disposable women: Real estate, debt and labour in UK care homes
  253. Development of a favorable economic environment for small and medium businesses in the cooperative sector of the economy
  254.  Can we stabilize the price of a cryptocurrency? Understanding the design of Bitcoin and its potential to compete with Central Bank money
  255. Value of information from vibration-based structural health monitoring extracted via Bayesian model updating
  256.  Accounting information systems: controls and processes
  257. Recent advances in pyrolysis of cellulose to value-added chemicals
  258. Can cryptocurrencies change the role of money?
  259. Wave Energy Converter Optimal Design Under Parameter Uncertainty
  260.  Atypical lymphoid cells circulating in blood in COVID-19 infection: morphology, immunophenotype and prognosis value
  261. Elite capture of foreign aid: Evidence from offshore bank accounts
  262. Assessment and prioritisation of Healthcare 4.0 implementation in hospitals using Quality Function Deployment
  263. Social entrepreneurship as mechanisms for social transformation and social impact in East Africa an exploratory case study perspective
  264. Type III seesaw with R-parity violation in light of (CDF)
  265. The translucent hand of managed ecosystems: Engaging communities for value creation and capture
  266. The role of disclosure and information intermediaries in an unregulated capital market: evidence from initial coin offerings
  267. First-time versus repeat tourism customer engagement, experience, and value cocreation: An empirical investigation
  268. The relationship between working capital management and profitability: evidence from South African retail and construction firms
  269. COVID-19, firm exposure, and firm value: A tale of two lockdowns
  270. Engagement in earnings conference calls
  271. The value of co-operation: an examination of the work relationships of university professional services staff and consequences for service quality
  272. A Meta-Analysis of the Government Performance—Trust Link: Taking Cultural and Methodological Factors into Account
  273. Updates on high value products from cellulosic biorefinery
  274. The elusive nature of shareholders’ claims over the corporation, or the strange non-death of shareholder primacy
  275.  Examining the performance of Islamic and conventional stock indices: a comparative analysis
  276.  Face value: The politics of beauty
  277. The made in China challenge to US structural power: industrial policy, intellectual property and multinational corporations
  278. Illuminating economic growth
  279.  Strong helpers’ teachings: The value of Indigenous knowledges in the helping professions
  280. Process optimization and characterization of pectin derived from underexploited pineapple peel biowaste as a value-added product
  281. Labor market fluidity and human capital accumulation
  282. Does random slope hierarchical modeling always outperform random intercept counterpart? Accounting for unobserved heterogeneity in a real-time empirical analysis …
  283. Optimal management of an epidemic: Lockdown, vaccine and value of life
  284. Don’t make me look bad: How the audit market penalizes auditors for doing their job
  285. Are glyphosate-resistant weeds a threat to conservation agriculture? Evidence from tillage practices in soybeans
  286. Can Mobile-Linked Bank Accounts Bolster Savings? Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial in Sri Lanka
  287. Foreign employment, income shifting, and tax uncertainty
  288. New insights on water storage dynamics in a mountainous catchment from superconducting gravimetry
  289. Disclosure on the sustainable development goals–evidence from Europe
  290. Effective hedging strategy for us treasury bond portfolio using principal component analysis
  291.  The Japanese Economy
  292. Examining the Short Dark Tetrad (SD4) across models, correlates, and gender
  293. … , health benefits, juice production and waste management of the multi-faceted Grapefruit Citrus Χ paradisi: A comprehensive review for maximizing its value
  294. Financial inclusion, at what cost? : Quantification of economic viability of a supply side roll out
  295. Impact of customer experience on attitude and repurchase intention in online grocery retailing: A moderation mechanism of value Co-creation
  296. Information acquisition and expected returns: Evidence from EDGAR search traffic
  297. Does the import diversity of inputs mitigate the negative impact of COVID-19 on global value chains?
  298. Predictive value of 5 early warning scores for critical COVID-19 patients
  299. The point defect and electronic structure of K doped LaCo0. 9Fe0. 1O3 perovskite with enhanced microwave absorbing ability
  300. The effect of income-shifting aggressiveness on corporate investment
  301. Tattoo my mouth: Samoan language survival in Australia
  302. Firms’ response to macroeconomic estimation errors
  303. Recent advances in microalgae-based remediation of industrial and non-industrial wastewaters with simultaneous recovery of value-added products
  304. Grounding the politics of transnational private governance: introduction to the special section
  305. Evaluation of the performance analysis of an improved solar air heater with Winglet shaped ribs
  306.  Concepts in social administration: a framework for analysis
  307. European option pricing models described by fractional operators with classical and generalized Mittag-Leffler kernels
  308. When masses meet markets: credentialism and commodification in twenty-first century higher education
  309.  REvolver: Automated running and matching of couplings and masses in QCD
  310. Algae biotechnology for industrial wastewater treatment, bioenergy production, and high-value bioproducts
  311.  Arguments and arguing: The products and process of human decision making
  312. Inspired and engaged: Decoding MASSTIGE value in engagement
  313. Power and the practice of transnational private regulation
  314.  The technological behaviour of public enterprises in developing countries
  315. Taxes and director independence: Evidence from board reforms worldwide
  316.  Model of creating an economic ecosystem in the framework of economic convergence under the influence of digitalization
  317. The exploratory mindset and corporate innovation
  318. Shareholder value or public purpose? From John Maynard Keynes and Adolf Berle to the modern debate
  319. It’s a Small World: The Importance of Social Connections with Auditors to Mutual Fund Managers’ Portfolio Decisions
  320. Forming methodologies to improving the efficiency of innovative companies based on leasing tools
  321. How COVID-19 travels in-and outside of value chains and then affects the stock market: Evidence from China
  322.  Market-consistent valuation of natural catastrophe risk
  323. Fintech, cryptocurrencies, and CBDC: Financial structural transformation in China
  324.  The nature of disease
  325.  History of Latin Christianity: Vol. 9
  326. Tourists’ attitudes toward the use of artificially intelligent (AI) devices in tourism service delivery: moderating role of service value seeking
  327. Public support for sustainable development and environmental policy: A case of the Czech Republic
  328.  Macroeconomic lockdown and SMEs: the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Spain
  329. Tax evasion and tax avoidance
  330. Impact of economic policy uncertainty on cash holdings: firm-level evidence from an emerging market
  331. Demographics and the evolution of global imbalances
  332. Evaluation of wing structures at the conceptual stage of transport category aircraft projects
  333. High-efficiency Ca2+ doping all-inorganic nanocrystals (CsPbBr3 and CsPbBr1I2) encapsulated in a superhydrophobic aerogel inorganic matrix for white light …
  334. Signaling in online credit markets
  335. Audit firm culture: Recent developments and trends in the literature
  336. Nutritional value of barley cereal and better opportunities for its processing as a value-added food: a comprehensive review
  337. The Gender of Freedom
  338. A cross cultural investigation of retailers commitment to CSR and customer citizenship behaviour: The role of ethical standard and value relevance
  339. A tale of two supervisors: Compliance with risk disclosure regulation in the banking sector
  340. Application of the trans-contextual model to predict change in leisure time physical activity
  341. Economic impact of the most drastic lockdown during COVID-19 pandemic—The experience of Hubei, China
  342. Evidence for a New Structure in the and Systems in Decays
  343. Association of age with the diagnostic value of coronary artery calcium score for ruling out coronary stenosis in symptomatic patients
  344. Product life cycles in corporate finance
  345. Cryptocurrencies and inequality
  346. Insights on sustainable approaches for production and applications of value added products
  347. The value of air quality in housing markets: A comparative study of housing sale and rental markets in China
  348. Realizing the metaverse with edge intelligence: A match made in heaven
  349. Quantile regression with nonadditive fixed effects
  350. Debt is not free
  351.  Towards carbon neutrality: A study on China’s long-term low-carbon transition pathways and strategies
  352. Analyzing Active Fund Managers’ Commitment to ESG: Evidence from the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment
  353. Advances in solid-state fermentation for bioconversion of agricultural wastes to value-added products: Opportunities and challenges
  354. India’s lockdown: An interim report
  355. The impact of incarceration on recidivism
  356. Upgrading the value of anaerobic fermentation via renewable chemicals production: A sustainable integration for circular bioeconomy
  357. Ways to Increase Investment Potential in Samarkand Region
  358. Credit default swaps and debt overhang
  359. Insights into auditor public oversight boards: Whether, how, and why they “work”
  360.  Now or later? Optimal timing of mangrove rehabilitation under climate change uncertainty
  361. Promoting Long-Term Shareholder Value by “Competing” for Essential Stakeholders: A New, Multisided Market Logic for Top Managers
  362. Functional Cerebral Space: A Model for Overflow, Transfer and Interference Effects in Human Perfor-manee: A Tutorial Review
  363. The cryptocurrency uncertainties and investment transitions: Evidence from high and low carbon energy funds in China
  364. Rationing the commons
  365. Effects of the in-plane/out-of-plane interaction in URM infills on the seismic performance of RC buildings designed to Eurocodes
  366. Earnings per share goals and CEO incentives
  367.  Prognostic value of coronary computed tomography angiographic derived fractional flow reserve: a systematic review and meta-analysis
  368. Small innovators: No risk, no return
  369. Superior strength-ductility synergy in a novel tailored nanoparticles-strengthened medium-entropy alloy
  370. Occupational Licensing and Accountant Quality: Evidence from the 150-Hour Rule
  371. Diagnostic value of cerebrospinal fluid alpha-synuclein seed quantification in synucleinopathies
  372.  The added value of PSMA PET/MR radiomics for prostate cancer staging
  373. Connecting integrated management system with corporate sustainability and firm performance: from the Malaysian real estate and construction industry perspective
  374.  ESG practices and corporate financial performance: Evidence from Borsa Istanbul
  375.  Analysis of the Reliability of the Test form of Knowledge Control in Cluster Education
  376. Pavement maintenance and rehabilitation planning optimisation under budget and pavement deterioration uncertainty
  377. Corporate carbon performance data: Quo vadis?
  378.  Malaria and Chinese economic activities in Africa
  379. The role of withholding in the self-enforcement of a value-added tax: Evidence from pakistan
  380. Reserve accumulation, growth and financial crises
  381. Sustainable development goals (SDG) reporting: an analysis of disclosure
  382. Adoption of digital technologies for micro and small business in Indonesia
  383.  Does twitter affect stock market decisions? financial sentiment analysis during pandemics: A comparative study of the h1n1 and the covid-19 periods
  384. Valuing free-form text data from maintenance logs through transfer learning with camembert
  385. Governance Framework to Optimize Value Added Tax Compliance among SMES in Dubai
  386. Review of recent technologies for transforming carbon dioxide to carbon materials
  387. Internal control weakness and the asymmetrical behavior of selling, general, and administrative costs
  388. Function and therapeutic value of astrocytes in neurological diseases
  389.  Understanding the costs of surgery: a bottom-up cost analysis of both a hybrid operating room and conventional operating room
  390. Drug diffusion through peer networks: The influence of industry payments
  391. Prediction of gross calorific value of solid fuels from their proximate analysis using soft computing and regression analysis
  392. A constant-factor approximation algorithm for Nash social welfare with submodular valuations
  393.  The impact of artificial intelligence along the insurance value chain and on the insurability of risks
  394. The impact of a wellbeing program imbedded in university classes: the importance of valuing happiness, baseline wellbeing and practice frequency
  396. Utility of the CHA2DS2-VASc score for predicting ischaemic stroke in patients with or without atrial fibrillation: a systematic review and meta-analysis
  397. Embedding digital agriculture into sustainable Australian food systems: pathways and pitfalls to value creation
  398. The pollution premium
  399. A study on the revolution of consumer relationships as a combination of human interactions and digital transformations
  400. Venture capitalist participation and the post-issue operating performance of IPO firms
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